Comunal door and gate being left open by new tenants

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    Comunal door and gate being left open by new tenants

    Hello ( hopefully posted in correct section )

    I just have a few questions that I would like to get some feed back on. New tenants moved in three weeks ago .

    I passed by the property to find the front communal door wide open along with the gate also open ( anyone could have walked into the property and went upstairs to the other two apartments.

    I left a polite notice in the communal area just reminding them to not leave it open etc.

    This morning one of the other tenants above them called me to inform me when they got home late at night ( 2am ) the property entrance was again left open .

    What should i say as they are putting the property and tenants at risk .

    Also, what are the rules when it comes to music being played, for e.g.: each friday they play music till around 5 am ( they have friends over ) again it interrupts the other tenants .

    Look forward to your feedback.

    thank u

    I hear an S21 landing on the doormat.


      Your AST contract with the tenants will stipulate no music between say, 11pm to 7am, and if so, they are in breach of the tenancy.

      Your own lease will state no music or disturbance or nusance is to be allowed.
      It may also mention to keep all doors you mention to be kept closed.

      It is unlikely that your lease does not include these terms.
      Any other leaseholder can take you to court for breaching the terms of your lease and allowing music to be played at unsociable hours, and also can ask that your lease be forfeited for breaches of the lease ( meaning you lose your flat, but still have to pay the mortgage on a flat you no longer have )

      You write to them stating that they HAVE breached the tems of your A.S.T. and of your lease, and that it must stop immediately or you will have no option but to terminate their contract.

      Send S21 ( read up on it ) to give them 2 months notice
      The others can call the council, who will investigate and hit them with an order to cease if they find the problem continues.


        Thanks for your reply , we are the freeholders as its a privately owned property that we converted . So no other lease holders etc.


          Does the tenancy state front door and gate must be closed?? I don't think mine specifically do... if yours doesn't leaving them open isn't a tenancy breach, albeit a daft thing to do...

          Yes, I'd issue S21 then, in front of witness (to avoid later allegation of harassment) inform tenant they must change behaviour & why, verbally but not in writing..

          What were the reference & credit checks for the offending tenant like??
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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