First time landlord advice please.

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    First time landlord advice please.

    Hi all,

    I have recently done up a ground floor flat and I want to get it on the market. Without giving the game away entirely, I'm based in Cheltenham and the property is centrally located within the town. I'm looking for the upper end of the market that is looking for short stays as I want to use the flat myself from time to time. So the demographic I'm trying to entice is going to be stopping by for a maximum of one month or so. Obviously there are a lot of festivals and other cultural events that take place so I want to attract these types.

    So can anyone recommend how I can get my feet on the ground here. Or more specifically, how I can get the right feet on my ground. Any resources on how I could formulate a marketing strategy, to how I can protect myself and the property would be great. I'm also trying to avoid any middlemen at this stage if possible - agents as I don't have many good experiences with them.

    Sorry for so many questions we're just totally new at all this.

    Ben+ Kate

    Unless each letting was genuinely for a holiday (implausible I think..) the contract, regardless of what paperwork says, will be an AST & s21 eviction can't be used before 6 months.

    You say "I" but sign off as Ben+Kate. Are you sure who you are?

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
      Unless each letting was genuinely for a holiday (implausible I think..) the contract, regardless of what paperwork says, will be an AST & s21 eviction can't be used before 6 months.
      But given that he/they are targeting festival go-ers and the like - for a maximum of a month, I would have thought that holiday lets was exactly what the OP needs.

      I have no experience of holiday letting myself, but I do have two friends/relatives who do it, without the use of agents, and it's a hell of a lot of work; continually keeping on top of advertising and dealing with enquiries, regularly turning round the property, washing bed linen etc.


        Does your lease allow you to have short term lets?


          I was thinking of doing this at one point. The amount of hard work put me off and the cost of getting lets through the tourist board who take a substantial fee. Some people have a good level of success using their own website which might be an option for you. I am not an expert.


            Hi Ben and Kate,

            Holiday lets is one of my favourite topics and I love sharing information about them!!

            First of all, its important to understand the demographic of the person who might rent your property on a short break - i.e. what they want.

            My view is that holiday lets should be of a high standard akin to a boutique hotel. This means such luxuries as hotel quality bed linen, gadgets, comfy beds, internet, high standard of presentation and cleanliness, etc. The days of a damp, slightly unloved cottage with sagging curtains and mattresses are long gone as the market demands a lot more these days. Create a luxury product is my first tip.

            However, its no good having a great product if no one knows about it.

            So understanding how to market a holiday let is vital to its success.

            There are various portals you can use - the two most popular ones are HomeAway and HolidayLettings.

            There is an upfront cost associated with posting your listing on these sites.

            However, there is also a site called NeedMoreRentals where they market the property for you free of charge on all the portals and then take a small commission from any bookings they achieve for you.

            I also recommend using social media to market holiday lets and have written extensively on this topic.

            I work with an agent who takes a commission of 18%. However, I only pay this if I have had a booking, so this is not a problem for me as both my holiday lets achieve above-average occupancy.

            You need specialist holiday let insurance as well and I use Endsleigh.

            A successful holiday let demands a team of people to support it.

            Agent to advertise it and handle bookings

            Local company to clean the property, change linen etc.

            A maintenance person who can assist guests if problems around.

            An owner who cares and wants to delight their guests.

            Repeat bookings and referrals are the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing, so happy guests are what every holiday let owner should strive for.

            Holiday lets are very satisfying to be involved with if you get it right and have the right support.

            I hope that helps with some pointers?


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