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  • student halls - want access tommorow

    Just need some advice. The student halls company that i am staying in want access to my shared flat that i am staying in. They came in today for an inspection which we had 3 weeks notice of and i did not object to.

    After the inspection they left us a letter saying that the flat was not up to standard and certain areas need cleaning. I dont have a problem cleaning them, its just that i am in the middle of my exams and would rather clean next week when they are over.
    In the letter they say they will be coming back around tommorow, no time is given, to inspect again and if not up to standard contract cleaners will be brought in. This is just one days notice for them to come in.

    I telephoned them and told them i was not giving them permission to come in - i tried nicely to ask them to come when my exams are over but they were not interested. They say they will be coming tommorow, they have access card for the flat so will probably just walk in.

    It is an assured shorthold tenancy contract, is there anything i can do to stop them coming in tommorow? And what should i do if they do just walk in, i will probably be asleep as they will most likely come at 9am in the morning.

    Thanks for the advice

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