EX160A when self employed?

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    EX160A when self employed?

    Hi All,

    We are taking our LLs to court for non protection of deposit using the N1 claim form as its a joint claim against joint LLs.

    We would like to apply for fee remission using the EX160A form.

    We became self employed on 4/9/13 and have only just filed our first tax return therefore we do not have the tax return or self assessment proof yet as stated in the guidelines for remission 2.
    Our details:

    We have been self employed for 8 months and have profit/loss accounting for the business.
    We have personal bank statements.
    We receive child benefit weekly.
    We receive working tax credits and child tax credits weekly.
    We receive some housing benefit and council tax benefit.
    We have three children.

    The N1 fee is £205.00

    We have spent the whole weekend looking on the internet.
    We have rang the customer services at CCMCC who have advised that they cannot help us and to ring the CAB and Legal advice.
    We rang both the CAB and Legal advice but they have said that they do not know and to contact CCMCC.
    We again contacted CCMCC and they have given us their email address but said its a 5 day wait and I am worried they will also not know.

    Does anyone have any experience of using the EX160A form - any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi there, I'm also self employed but don't draw any salary but have working tax credits and child benefit as only source of income. I filled in the forms using the section for income related claim (believe it was under 16k) When doing this in person it was far easier as I could pass over last 3 months bank statements etc, but last time I did this via the post as local court had closed, they kept wanting more and more info and the process actually took 3 months just for them to process.

    The bottom line is to try and do it at local court, ask the staff there and take down all paperwork, alternatively, pay the fee which you can claim back later, its what i would do, as its likely that they will want paperwork or other evidence that could delay your claim, but either way the process can take ages.

    All the best


      Thank you rugbyroom for your response and advice.

      I have sent a cheque as I also came to the conclusion that the EX160A may delay my claim.

      I will pop by my local court tomorrow with as much paperwork as I have and the fee remission form and see what they say.

      Many thanks again


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