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    Last Month of Rent!

    Hi All

    I know it's probably been done to death in here, from the perspective of a landlord. But I'm approaching this as a tenant. Well, this time at least.

    Backstory is that I used to rent my property out, but have moved into rented accomodation myself.

    I had no confirmation that my rent was deposited in a rent deposit scheme, and quite frankly I had forgotten about it until it was recently highlighted in the news.

    Within the past year, my landlord has contacted me to advise that he's taking management of his properties back in-house and not using the letting company.

    My most recent contract renewal was not signed and returned, so technically I'm in the rolling phase of my contract. He has advised that he wishes to sell the property, but is going to honour my contract.

    Today I had to call my landlord with an issue with the property. He wasn't particularly receptive and suggest it was damaged. I'm not amused really with the response I received!

    Anyway, as my landlord has explained that they are not covering the mortgage with the rent they receive from me, I highly suspect that they will find every excuse possible to keep my deposit. When he took the property back in-house he placed some deposit into a protection scheme and sent me the paperwork to sign. However I pointed out that the figure is incorrect and have heard nothing since.

    There are a couple of areas of damage that will need rectifying prior to my departure.

    In the past couple of months there have been a couple of problems with the property, and needed things to be replaced. However the landlord doesn't do any maintenance, yet has today told me that I'm costing him too much money with things going wrong!

    My question is:
    Knowing that my deposit isn't correctly detailed or even registered with a deposit protection scheme. Plus the deposit is 1.5x monthly rent. I am tempted to get quotes for the minor accidental damage to be put right, and then inform my landlord that I shall be leaving on X-date and that I believe my deposit will cover the final month rent plus the remedial work for which I have received quotes.

    If I cover my rear with regards to letters, photos and quotes. I know using the deposit for final month rent is a grey area, but they haven't played by the rules and as previously mentioned I suspect that they will aim to cover their losses in rent by keeping the deposit.


    Lastly, I whether I withhold last month rent or not, I suspect that he isn't the kind of person to write references for tenants. Without a reference, how successful will I be with the next rental???

    Have you served LL with due NTQ with regard to SPT NTQ expiry dates and obtained free Cert of Posting?
    Repair any T damage to acceptable standard and clean throughout before deoarture. Detail repairs and take date-stamped photos throughout.
    Was a move-in inventory provided?
    If some of the things that required repair/replacement were white goods, poss LL had no responsibility. Light bulbs, tap washers & blocked sinks are also T resp.
    Whilst I don't condone retaining final month rent, I appreciate your concern.
    A responsible future LL should seek previous LL refs from LL directly, not accept any LL ref provided by T, so yes, adverse ref could have impact on future rental.


      Hi Mariner,

      Many thanks for your reply.

      No, I haven't served the NTQ yet, as a have a few months until my "supposed contract end date".
      What is SPT????

      Indeed, I shall be repairing any minor damage created by myself throughout my tenancy. I took time-stamped photos of the check-in process ... but it wasn't carried out thoroughly. I shall however also take detailed check-out photos too.

      No, the move in was terrible. I took photos, but the place hadn't been cleaned ... hence me spending the move-in weekend cleaning the place throughly.

      I generally repair/replace whatever I can, as having used to be a landlord, I wanted to make their life easier. Plus why call out someone to repair something if I can do it.

      In the whole of my tenancy I have had approximately £600 of issues in the property, comprising 4 events. (I'm trying to omit detail, just in case my LL is on here!)

      Because the LL isn't making money on the property, yesterday phone call was "Why are there always issues with you" ... and "Why can you not fix it?" ... "Have you damaged it yourself?". I felt insulted at their response, especially when they wanted me to call out the tradesperson and pay him myself. They even said "What do you expect me to do at 8pm on a Saturday evening???".

      I guess when it comes time for new property, I may have fun with regards to a reference. Hmmmm.

      I just get the feeling that since the deposit wasn't correctly secured in the DPS, with the rent not covering the mortgage that they are sensitive to any financial issues with the property. But really in my time here (over 3 years) it has had zero maintenance at all. I'm just conscious that they would do everything possible to retain the deposit.

      So, if I cover my rear with regards to the checkout procedure, and document everything ... if they did go as far as taking it to court for me retaining deposit, I could realistically show that I'd covered my bases?


        So, you are asking if 2 wrong things make a right?
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


          Not at all. I'm asking if my approach would be deemed as acceptable to cover bases. I don't have the resources right now to have my deposit tied up with an irresponsible landlord who still won't agree my deposit amount. Despite my signed contract.

          I don't want to be a dick about it, but will ensure it is in the condition which I found it, and expect my deposit back.


            The law has a resolution for tenants that have landlords who don't protect deposits correctly.
            Why should you be granted a shortcut?
            Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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