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    LandlordSHOW Manchester Town Hall

    Thursday 10th May 2007 - LandlordSHOW at Manchester Town Hall - 1pm till 8pm

    Tom Entwistle, Editor of LandlordZONE will be giving a seminar on "Selecting and Managing Tenants in Rental Property"

    Admission is FREE for anyone who wants to come along to the main conference hall for 6pm start - register on-line or at the show. Show open 1pm till 8pm

    Should be a very interesting show and very much worth a visit if you can get there tomorrow.

    See the Seminar links:

    Session Type : Seminar
    Time & Date: 18:00 - 18:45 10-MAY-2007
    Location: Conference Hall
    Presented by : Tom Entwistle, Editor & Director

    A bit short notice, Tom.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      Hi Jeffrey,

      In fact details have been on the site - Events Diary and the LandlordSHOW site (seminars) for several weeks now.
      This post was just by way of a reminder. Sorry if it's too late for you to make it but there will be others coming up.
      In fact there will be one at the Property Investor Show in September - Excel Centre in the Docklands.



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