Incentives for good tenants.

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    Incentives for good tenants.

    Just wondered if you have considered/provided an incentive to good tenants renewing their contract?

    I'm thinking a voucher for a meal out or something for the property.

    Maybe the hard nosed business types out there will say no way but as an investment in a good tenant it could pay for itself many times over.

    Originally posted by Wickerman
    We gave a (good) bottle of wine to one of our tenants, at Christmas and when he moved out.

    Absolutely perfect tenant - there for 3 years.
    Same here and on their birthdays, as well.


      Nah, surely not. A moving out present? The incentive I was thinking was a way of say 'Thanks for being good tenants over the last year, I look forward to another year of the same'

      Paragon they get a birthday presents? Hope you haven't got many HMO's you'll need shares in Clinton Cards.

      Just to expand on my thinking ... I've been reviewing my financial affairs and stripping out the dead wood. What I mean by that is changing tariffs on phones, remortgaging, broadband etc etc.

      On each occasion I've been put through to a re tensions person. They have offered all sorts of incentives to keep me as a customer. My reaction, 'If you wanted to keep my custom then you should have been proactive in keeping it'. It's quite probable that I would stay with a company that wasn't the cheapest but were prepared to show the value of my custom in some small way. Hence where we came in, an incentive for a tenant.


        How about a rent break at Christmas? I always feel guilty collecting rents at Christmas lol.Mind you I think you better be well versed on your tenants different religious holidays.


          Originally posted by Tweedle Dum View Post
          How about a rent break at Christmas? I always feel guilty collecting rents at Christmas lol.Mind you I think you better be well versed on your tenants different religious holidays.
          'Rent breaks' Tweedle Dum wash your mouth out immediately.


            Hi Tweedle Dum,

            Impressive with Rent Breaks indeed, so long as you can get your Mortgage Lender to do the same to you then pass it on to your Tennent!!!! Joker!!
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              Interesting, but it sounds like the university is definitely exceeding its authority and a clued up student could easily challenge any sanction they tried to impose.
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              We live in a house whose garden backs onto other gardens. One of those houses is let to a group of students.

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              As Artful says, you'll need to read your contract with the letting agency to see how and when the contract can be terminated.

              It seems more likely that your friend signed a new 12 month fixed term contract in January than the the tenancy agreement having an abnormally...
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              To conclude with an update:
              Landlords in this position strongly advised to speak to Home Office Landlord Visa section in the first instance. You many experience a 'to-ing and fro-ing' between that section and the Landlords 'Right to Rent' section. See what they both say. They should both be advising...
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              My tenant has been on a periodic agreement since September 2016. He has been a good tenant. His partner who was with him when he first rented left the property and was not replaced.
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              He has explained...
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              mr Khan is a moron...
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              The latest government figures for possession claims have been published, which cover January through March 2022.
              That's post Covid restrictions and would probably include most of the last of the Covid backlog.

              And there's no sign of the massive wave of evictions and resulting mass...
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              by DPT57
              I think there's some date confusion above. If your 6 month fixed term tenancy began on 9 December, then it ends on 8 June. If you leave by midnight on that day then there will be no penalty or advance notice required. If you stay beyond this time a statutory periodic tenancy will arise. S5(5) of the...
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              On 09.12.2021 I moved in to a flat and signed 6 months contract.
              Then on 08.04.2022 I have been served section 21 notice by the letter trough the mailbox...

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