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    AST agreement renewal

    Hi, I am renewing my tenant´s AST for another 6 months & am using the one my solicitor drew up last year as a template.

    I assume if I just rewrite it with new dates, a new rent (gone up by inflation) & a revised inventory to reflect bits I have added, get it signed by both parties (me as L & he as T), then it is as legally binding as my previous one.

    Or if not, are there any new laws or regulations since last year I should be aware of.

    I rather like the DIY approach. My agent (high st corporate, non negotiable) wanted 1500 GBP last year to do my contract, I paid 120 GBP to my solicitor last year & this year I would like to do it myself.

    Thanks for your help & contributions on this & other topics, interesting reading.

    Re signatures: better to produce two copies, not one.

    1. L signs one which T keeps as Agreement itself.
    2. T signs other which L keeps as counterpart.

    As L, get copy 2 from T (with deposit, if a new letting) BEFORE (or at same time as) you hand over copy 1 to T (with keys, if a new letting).
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      Thanks for the prompt response & I am preparing the contracts now.

      Incidentally, the AST from 2 years ago (high st corporate agent) got the T to sign every page of a rather lengthy agreement (12 pages or so). Last year however my solicitor just got L & T to sign at the end of the document.

      I assume by signing each page the T cannot later claim he didn´t understand what he was signing for.

      Thanks again for your help & time


        You could let the agreement go periodic, and unless you are changing the rent amount it would not come under the new deposit protection rules.

        Otherwise, you will need to think about the deposit and how it is to be protected.
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          I thought about going Periodic but does that allow the T a rolling 2 month notice period?

          He currently takes a 6 month fixed term contract payable in advance & I would like that to continue, not go to 2 month notice.

          Depositwise, I hold 6 weeks deposit & will continue to do so. I have every intention of returning this when I get the flat back as he took it on, have the new rules made any difference here?



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