Urgent Help Required - 24hrs Eviction Notice

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    Urgent Help Required - 24hrs Eviction Notice

    Hi guy's,

    I am seriously hoping someone may be able to advise me on the situation we are currently in with our rented property.

    Myself and a couple took up a letting agreement with a well know letting agent for a property last march (2006). The term was for 12 months. Initially we paid a very substantial deposit of £2500 and have been paying our rent of £825 Per month in full accordingly. The deposit was paid to the letting agent. We recently re-newed our tenancy agreement with the letting agent to stay in the property for a further 12 months. An additional fee was paid for this extension of £125.

    This morning, i.e. at 11am i had a knock at the door from a lady from our local council who explained see was putting into place an "Notice of Eviction" dated for today 30th April 2007. At this point i was extremely shocked as this was the first i have heard about anything. I immediatly spoke to our letting agent who explained that it was not their problem.

    The lady from our council extended the eviction for 24hrs and pretty much explained that we needed to leave the property by 11am, 1st May. At 11am a lock smith would be arriving to change the locks.

    My concern is that firstly we have only been given 24hrs notice to leave the property, secondly after speaking to the letting agent, the letting agent has passed the initial deposit to the landlord when we first moved in.

    The letting agent explained that we need to get in contact with the landlord, After doing some reasearch the landlords phone has been disconnected. He opperates a business that hasnt submitted its accounts for 2 yrs.

    To complicate the matter, the couple who i live with, one of them has recently had a heart transplant and is on a high dose of medication.

    Where do we stand legally here, we have no house to move into, by the sounds of things our deposit is not going to be returned.

    If someone could advise me on the following that would be fantastic. bearing in mind we have to be evicted from the property by 11am tomorrow morning.

    1) Is 24hrs a sufficent notice period for us to leave the property? If not do we have the rights to have this extended.
    2) Where do we stand legally with regards to having our deposit returned. Can we speak to a solicitor and file a case against our letting agent?
    3) Is there anyway we can track down our landlord and potentially have our monies returned?
    4) Where do we stand with regards to our letting agent as we originally agreed the letting with them and they have been managing all of the admin on our behalf.
    5) Our tenancy re-newall does this give us any rights?
    6) Our letting agent explained today that they have not heard from the landlord since we moved into the property. Is this a reasonable timescale for a letting agent to be in contact with the landlord?
    7) we have been paying our rent via standing order, is there anyway our bank can have those monies returned??

    Your help would be much appreciated as we are in a very difficult situation here.

    Kind Regards

    Tom Upton

    Duplicate thread posting.
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