Jumping through hoops to get deposit returned..

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    Jumping through hoops to get deposit returned..

    Basically I have done a list of a million things in order to ensure I get my deposit back.
    I've rented numerous properties and never had to do so much to please a LL.

    Anyway that's not my gripe...

    Last week the LL asked I get the carpets cleaned and treated. I did this at a cost of £220. Received a receipt/certificate from the company that carried out the job and forwarded it onto the LL. 5 days before the tenancy ends (after carpets were cleaned) and LL is doing viewings at the house, commenting on what good condition the property is in etc...

    Now the night before I'm due to give back keys etc I receive a text saying the carpets smell of dog and something needs to be done about it,
    and can I contact the company that cleaned them and get them round again or the carpet needs to be replaced!!!
    Rang the company and they said they couldn't smell anything PRIOR to them doing any work, and after deoderisers etc were used there's definitely no odour...

    I've just been around the property and all I can smell is fresh paint where the decorators have gone in to patch up.

    What's my play here...
    I've said i'm going in again tonight with shake n vac but if I can't smell anything and neither can a pro' carpet cleaner what do I do?
    The guy at the end of the phone said "it looks like she's trying it on to retain part of your deposit or gain a new carpet."

    If she makes a claim for some of the deposit (for a new carpet) and I object how would I go about getting evidence together that there is no problem at the house other than a statement from the cleaning company?

    Bit long-winded but thanks in advance.

    Contact whichever scheme the deposit is in & start claim for whole deposit.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Do you have a dog though Stim?

      They do say that owners can't smell them as they become accustomed to the smell.


        There was a dog at the property for 3 months, April 2013 onwards but nothing since.

        The LL knew the dog was going to be there and added £100 to the original deposit amount because of this.


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