Recovering rent arrears

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    Recovering rent arrears

    I obtained a court order (22/3/07) for payment of arrears and costs against the tenant and guarantor (home owner). However they have failed to make any payments.

    What can i do to recover the debt now i have the court order?

    if it has been over one month since they should of paid then a county court judgement will be made against them.

    You can either get a warrant of execution or an attachement of earnings (if the person is working).

    A warrant of execution gives a county court bailiff the power to visit their home or business to either collect the money owed; or
    see whether they have goods to the value of the money owed.
    If they cannot pay, the bailiff will look at their belongings and decide whether they own anything which could be sold at auction to pay the debt.

    have a look at HM Court service website for lots more info.


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