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    I have just had a tenant leave owing over £2000 in rent and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage, Broken fixtures and fittings, A door completely smashed, a brand new carpet ruined etc,etc. They have left no forwarding address, although I will know it in a few days. They have taken several items including all the crockery, cutlery, the cooker, cooker hood, curtain poles several other items and even the light bulbs. They left behind an old fridge and an old hoover belonging to them .
    Am I legally responsible for the safekeeping of these items? if so for how long? and Is it worthwhile contacting the police and having them charged with theft and criminal damage. After talking to the neighbours it appears they have been doing this for a number of years, moving ten times in the last five years within the same area and leaving behind a trail of debt.

    Report it to the police by all means, but don't hold your breath that they will follow it up, the best you can hope for is a crime number to show your insurance company.

    If you know where they are then issue a summons for all the costs and rents they owe you, once you have a judgment you can attempt to enforce it for six years, including attachment of earnings. (if they work).
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


      Thanks for the information, Any idea what I can do with the goods they left behind


        If they've done it 10 times in 5 years then it is imperative you take court action then enforce a CCJ.

        Then any future landlord running a credit check will be forwarned. Did you credit and reference check them?

        Google "landlordzone uncollected goods" & you'll find what do do on left items
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Originally posted by jta View Post
          Report it to the police by all means, but don't hold your breath that they will follow it up, the best you can hope for is a crime number to show your insurance company.
          The police's argument will probably be that even if they find the ex-tenant to be in possession of items which are apparently yours, they will not be able to prove that they are in fact yours unless they are unique or you can provide the serial numbers. It therefore pays to keep a note of the serial number of anything which has a serial number. If the police then find that the ex-tenant has an item where the serial number matches the one you give, they will be more inclined to add to the list anything without a serial number.


            I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I've just had a bad one, but fortunately they paid their rent even though I had a lot of repairs and redecoration to do.

            Not trying to be all self righteous, but just wondering when you took on these tenants how did you check them out/reference etc? If they have a trail of destruction wouldn't you have been able to know before taking them on, through reference checking and previous LLs?

            I'd just like to learn from your experience and not suffer the same - I'm a relatively inexperienced LL.

            On the plus side they have gone and you now have an opportunity to get it all back in order.

            All the best


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              I am not suggesting it is the landlord's fault. I am just saying that, in some cases, if a tenant feels secure he is more likely to take care of a place....
              27-01-2022, 23:02 PM
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              Just had tenants move out of a property after 2 years. Always paid on time, perfectly pleasant young family who have now bought their own home BUT:

              House was grimy - looks like they didn't clean properly in 2 years rather than anything overtly unpleasant
              Garden was left in a mess...
              27-01-2022, 17:20 PM
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              by MdeB
              That is because you have to do things properly for S21 to be valid.

              Do everything properly and the S21 is valid.
              Get one thing wrong and it is invalid. There are many things to get right....
              27-01-2022, 22:54 PM
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              We rented a flat out with the local branch of a national estate agent. They were charging a very low fee (that should’ve had my alarm bells ringing) and had a tenant immediately available. This was Dec2020/Jan2021 and the tenancy paperwork they sent to me was minimal.

              Tenant moved in...
              25-01-2022, 15:37 PM
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              by Lawcruncher
              The requirement comes from the tenancy terms. There are various reasons why a contract term may be void or unenforceable. They include: illegal; impossible; contrary to public policy; statute forbids them to be imposed; unfair. A requirement to keep a dwelling clean and leave it it clean is none of...
              27-01-2022, 22:20 PM
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              I use a Letting Agent. Recently the tenants vacated, prior to the tenants leaving when the letting agent did an inspection they advised the tenants that the property would need cleaning before they vacated. The tenants have now left, the place does need a good clean, the Letting Agents have said that...
              27-01-2022, 11:30 AM
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              Almost everything is telling you to sell them - far away, no experience, higher rate taxpayer, current environment
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              Hoping for some advice on this situation from people who may have been through similar...

              I am inheriting 4 rental properties from my late father. Are there any tips or ideas people would share about this situation?

              My situation is I am early 30s in full time employment, live...
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              by DoricPixie

              Why does a tenant need to leave the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness if the property wasn't in a reasonable state of cleanliness at the start of the tenancy? Where does the requirement come from? The deposit protection schemes don't appear to take that approach...
              27-01-2022, 21:11 PM
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              by Hudson01
              Totally agree, the classic - still the best. They sound like a nightmare and i would be looking to get rid as soon as i could whilst we still have S21, removing kitchen cupboards !!! In a 2 bed flat...... why the hell would you remove part of a fitted kitchen, what are you going to do with the space....
              27-01-2022, 20:41 PM