Terminating Tenancy - Penetrating Damp + Black Mould

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    Terminating Tenancy - Penetrating Damp + Black Mould

    I am a tenant with a private landlord on an Assured shorthold tenancy.

    I have a severe mould and penetrating damp problem with my flat which has developed over the last 18 months or so. The landlord was made aware of the problem in November 2012. The weather then was too wet for them to carry out works on the exterior of the building, they said they would do this when the weather was drier. However this did not happen.

    In Nov 2013 we renewed our tenancy as we do every year, this time we said so in good faith they will attend to the mould problem in reasonable time. They carried out some remedial works to the interior and said they would carry out the rest of the works to the exterior again in drier weather. However the mould problem came back very quickly and was growing more aggressively. The landlord kept saying there was nothing they could do until spring.

    I contact the environmental health department of my local council for advice and an inspection on the flat. The landlord has now been issued a letter of the hazards and improvement notice will soon be served. The list of works I believe is extensive and extremely disruptive. The external walls need to be rerendered and brickwork repointed and the roof lining needs to be replaced, as well as this it is suggested they dry line all the walls inside. Scaffolding will need to be put up, which is not great for security and there will be workman coming in and out of the flat whilst this takes place.

    I’m not happy with the rate the landlord has approached this problem and do not want to live in a building site for the next couple of months. There is no break clause in my contract which ends nov 2014, but I believe the landlord has breached the contract by not keeping up with repairs and maintenance. I feel I have grounds to terminate the contract and ask them to agree to a surrender. I would appreciates any advice.

    Thank you!

    In Novemebr 2013, you knew that they were stringing you along by not getting the work done in the previous summer and spring.
    Now the work you want doing is to be carried out, you are still not happy.

    You can ask them for a surrender, they can decline.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Your LL is, at last, doing the work you want. If you like the property just grin and bear it. If not, ask for a surrender.


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        or just work hard and hopefully take an early retirement.

        You can't predict the future. Things always go in cycle. They want to get rid of Section 21, so you may be unable to get your property back. You may end up working and subsidising your rentals....
        29-01-2022, 03:42 AM
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        It wasn't so much tat as a ground for eviction for PRT is wanting to move into the property (for now). It was more that I'd put my heart and soul into making the property nice and it wasn't being cared for as well as I would have liked. I didn't like being at the mercy of a letting agent either particularly...
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        I have a three bedroom property in the U.K which I will rent out .
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        I've had unoccupied insurance whilst I was overseas before. It was challenging finding an insurer as a non-UK resident but I did find one and the premium wasn't horrific. I did have to have someone go and check on the property every week as a condition of the insurance and luckily I had someone to...
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        by theartfullodger
        Just be careful with insurance. Empty properties are a "challenge"
        28-01-2022, 17:57 PM
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        by Hudson01
        If i were in this position then i would do the same, there is far too much risk thesedays if you wish to move back into it, either accept the risk and rent is as it really is with an AST or leave it empty....
        28-01-2022, 16:38 PM
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        That document is out of date and, in a lot of places, possibly as a consequence, now wrong or misleading.

        The concept of individually negotiated clauses is now deprecated in consumer law.
        The OFT no longer exists and it's successor, the CMA, has withdrawn its advice about unfair terms...
        28-01-2022, 16:18 PM
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        I use a Letting Agent. Recently the tenants vacated, prior to the tenants leaving when the letting agent did an inspection they advised the tenants that the property would need cleaning before they vacated. The tenants have now left, the place does need a good clean, the Letting Agents have said that...
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      • Reply to Renting rooms
        by DoricPixie
        You can't have your cake and eat it Luke. If you want to receive rental income from a property that is not also your main home you have to accept that the occupants will be tenants. This means that you will have to comply with all your legal obligations as a landlord unless you want it to come back...
        28-01-2022, 16:09 PM