Terminating Tenancy - Penetrating Damp + Black Mould

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    Terminating Tenancy - Penetrating Damp + Black Mould

    I am a tenant with a private landlord on an Assured shorthold tenancy.

    I have a severe mould and penetrating damp problem with my flat which has developed over the last 18 months or so. The landlord was made aware of the problem in November 2012. The weather then was too wet for them to carry out works on the exterior of the building, they said they would do this when the weather was drier. However this did not happen.

    In Nov 2013 we renewed our tenancy as we do every year, this time we said so in good faith they will attend to the mould problem in reasonable time. They carried out some remedial works to the interior and said they would carry out the rest of the works to the exterior again in drier weather. However the mould problem came back very quickly and was growing more aggressively. The landlord kept saying there was nothing they could do until spring.

    I contact the environmental health department of my local council for advice and an inspection on the flat. The landlord has now been issued a letter of the hazards and improvement notice will soon be served. The list of works I believe is extensive and extremely disruptive. The external walls need to be rerendered and brickwork repointed and the roof lining needs to be replaced, as well as this it is suggested they dry line all the walls inside. Scaffolding will need to be put up, which is not great for security and there will be workman coming in and out of the flat whilst this takes place.

    I’m not happy with the rate the landlord has approached this problem and do not want to live in a building site for the next couple of months. There is no break clause in my contract which ends nov 2014, but I believe the landlord has breached the contract by not keeping up with repairs and maintenance. I feel I have grounds to terminate the contract and ask them to agree to a surrender. I would appreciates any advice.

    Thank you!

    In Novemebr 2013, you knew that they were stringing you along by not getting the work done in the previous summer and spring.
    Now the work you want doing is to be carried out, you are still not happy.

    You can ask them for a surrender, they can decline.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Your LL is, at last, doing the work you want. If you like the property just grin and bear it. If not, ask for a surrender.


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        by theartfullodger
        Sounds like some education in how to be a landlord might be wise. When I started I thought I knew what I was doing. I didn't, expensive, stupid, mistakes! If you think education is expensive, try ignorance....
        26-05-2022, 19:52 PM
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        Hi all,

        I am a new landlord and looking for some help with the AST.

        I have created a tenancy agreement which is now ready for signing.

        The tenancy agreement is due to start on the 1st July.

        Can the tenancy agreement be signed before the move in...
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      • Reply to Special clauses
        by theartfullodger
        Agreed, break clauses very very easy to get wrong.

        Much simpler, easier, more flexibility to evict, fixed term 6 months then periodic....
        26-05-2022, 19:50 PM
      • Special clauses
        by Harrison38784
        Hi All,

        I want to add the following break clause into my AST, but I’m wondering if I do so, do I also need to give my tenant also a break clause?

        ‘The Landlord may terminate this agreement by giving the Tenant not less than 2 months' written notice expiring [on or at any...
        26-05-2022, 18:16 PM
      • Reply to Agreement for friends to live in my house
        by Hudson01
        Well you have heard the opinions of a great many very experienced landlords........ you are taking a very big risk with this, you say you don't need the money, so why take the risk ? Leave it empty and come back to it still....... empty, there is zero guarantee they will move out, friends or not.
        26-05-2022, 19:38 PM
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        I cannot find a definitive answer to my question by googling so here goes.

        I have a house that I wish to allow a family who are close friends to live in while I live abroad as UK non-resident. I am trying to work out what sort of contract I should make between us.

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      • Reply to Tenancy Agreement Help
        by ash72
        You created the AST, or you got it from somewhere?

        You can get the AST signed before someone moves in (how soon would they actually move in?) and when are you giving the keys?

        You should have a Guarantor's specific agreement if your going down that route, these days they can...
        26-05-2022, 18:24 PM
      • Reply to Special clauses
        by KTC
        Generally yes, landlord only break clause is an unfair term. There's really only very limited reasons to have break clause in typical residential letting. Just do a 6 months fixed term and then let it roll periodic.
        26-05-2022, 18:23 PM
      • Reply to Access to neighbouring property act.
        by Neelix
        i only pointed this out because so many people don’t realise this.

        so there’s no point in blocking access IMHO...
        26-05-2022, 18:12 PM
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        If the landlord does this then the storage company would come after him as it's he who has the contract witht them, not sure i would do this. I would though ask the Police to pass on the ex lodgers legal representitive, he or she will be in contact with the alleged offender and they can ask him what...
        26-05-2022, 17:36 PM