Best way of serving legal notices

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  • PaulF
    You need to follow the AST wording as it should state how Notices might be served on the tenant. If there is nothing within it then you must serve it personally on the tenant. If you need to do that then use a Processor who can do it for you such as a solicitor if it's impractical to do it yourself.

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  • scribbler
    started a topic Best way of serving legal notices

    Best way of serving legal notices

    I need to serve a section 21 notice on my tenant. I've always assumed that service by hand is the best way and least likely to be rejected by the courts should the tenant claim that they have not received it. I now live away from where my tenanted property is and personal service would be impractical. I have always assumed that if I was to send the notice by post it would have to be registered or recorded delivery so that I could prove posting. However, chatting to my solicitor the other day they advised that by doing it this way you always expose yourself to the defence from the tenant if they refuse to sign for it that they have not received it. They advice just to send it by 1st class post. I guess another alternative is to email. It would be interested to get other landlords views. Scribbler

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