Referencing and Deposit registration for couples?

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    Referencing and Deposit registration for couples?

    I have a couple interested in renting a room. I normally rent to single professionals.

    Does Homelet's Express rent guarantee allow for couples as one application? Or do I have to do two separate single Express rent guarantee applications?

    And how about Deposit registrations, do I have to register two separate deposits or one. I'm thinking one? as there will be one AST for both for the room?

    Please advise

    Thanks in advance

    Do you live in this property where they are renting the room - are they to be lodgers? If so no protection of deposit needed.

    Why don't you ring Homelet and ask them - why should we know?

    One room, one AST or agreement with both names on and one deposit - if protecting deposit in the case of an AST then register both names on the one property id and one of them will be the 'lead' tenant. Don't forget to give the prescribed information to the tenants.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Hi, no I don't live at the property. Apologies, yes I have emailed Homelet.

      Thanks for the info. I always register within 30 day period and send brochure/prescribe info..


        Then if you don't live at the property you need tenants to sign an AST not a lodger agreement.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Two separate applications (and fees).

          I've argued with Homelet about this to no avail.



            Yes will be AST. Apologies for any confusion bit not sure where you got the impression it's a lodger type arrangement. But thank you for your replies.

            I have never registered a couple before for a deposit. Only singles. So assume I can put two names down on one deposit reg.


            Ok, thanks. 24 hours and I have not heard back from Homelet let.

            I guess I will have to do two references - double the cost :-/ I think they are married. One would have thought that they should be under one. But credit ref agencies may see different?


              Just got a reply from Homelet.......

              Thank you for your email.

              If each of the prospective tenants will be referenced to be responsible each for a rent share then you will need to do one application for each person. Therefore an Xpress Rent Guarantee application will be taken out on each individual.

              If the couple are married or have been living together for more than 9 months and one tenant can be referenced to be responsible for the full rent you can take the Xpress Rent Guarantee out on them alone. You will then need to reference the partner on the basic Insight credit check so they can be covered under their partners policy.


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                Agree with above advice

                Agent probably wants new agreement signed so they charge landlord fees....
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