change in the way rent is paid?

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  • change in the way rent is paid?

    I have been renting my property for the past 5 months managed through an agent. The AST is for 12 months with a 6 month break clause. The rent is due 6 months in advance, the first rent was paid on moving in and the second is due at 6 months. The remaining 6 months rent is due in a few weeks

    I have just spoken to the agent who has told me that instead of paying 6 months rent the tenant would like to pay 2 months rent. Then 2 months later she would pay another for another 2 months etc. I was asked if I was happy to do this.

    I am not totally opposed to this idea, however how does this affect the AST which states that the rent is due 6 months in advance?

    Thanks in advance


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    Either you are agreeing a variation (which binds you) or a concession (which doesn't).
    Better to tell Agent and T, in writing (to avoid later argument), that -as a concession- you are prepared to accept rent every two months BUT that you reserve the right to revert to six-monthly basis if any two-monthly payment is late by more than a day. That way, you improve potential for any necessary s.8 Notice.
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