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  • Cleaning still not done

    I've just taken the keys on a new rental property.
    The last tenants left it in a bad way. Agent and I agreed verbally on work to be done, tho notes were made it wasn't finalised. I asked for laminate flooring to replace the stained carpets but ended up with carpet again (agent says his was the landlords decision) and even in the bathroom <ugh>

    Anyway, the agent said that they would bring in a professional cleaning company. They have apparently been in yet have managed to miss things such as the dirt covering all lightswitches, doors and frames.
    Bits of carpet from when they were fitted.
    Tops of shelves and things like the heating controls covered in layers of dust and grease.
    The kitchen ceiling which is covered in food and grease splatter. Dirt on the kitchen lino flooring.

    I inspected the house yesterday and these items were noted.
    I took the keys today and paid the first month's rent, assured that the cleaners had been in and fixed the problem (they've had 24hrs) but it's obvious that they have not.
    I've been back to the agent and advised them that they have till the end of the day or I'll get it done and bill them for it.
    I've read on here that a reasonable charge is about £9.25/hr.
    Where do I stand on actually getting them to act ?

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