No Tenancy Agreement & No Rent Paid - Advice Needed

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  • dixon8080
    started a topic No Tenancy Agreement & No Rent Paid - Advice Needed

    No Tenancy Agreement & No Rent Paid - Advice Needed

    I'm looking for some advice for my husband on a property that he owns.

    My husband purchased his parents house from them in 2001 for market value. As they were in financial difficulty, he has allowed them to live in the property rent free since 2001. There was no tenancy agreement and no rent has ever been paid by them.

    My husband is no longer able to afford to let them live rent free in this property, but they have refused to pay any rent. He has therefore given them 3 months notice to leave the property and has placed the property on the market to sell.

    Unfortunately the relationship has deteriorated and they are now refusing to move out of the property and are not allowing viewings. They have also changed the locks and are refusing to supply a set of keys to my husband.

    My question is, without a tenancy agreement and with no rent ever having been paid by them, where does my husband stand legally and how does he go about removing them from the property? Any advice gratefully received.

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