Invation to landlords meeting with loca authority

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  • Invation to landlords meeting with loca authority

    The wife and I have been invited to a meeting with other landlords in the area to discuss any issues regarding private rentals, it appears that they do this annually with the top 50 private landlords in the area, (I wonder what number I entered the chart at).

    My wife phoned to see what it is all about and was told it was an open discussion but one topic which will be discussed is the fact that they will probably be paying HB to the tenants rather than direct to landlords as trialled elsewhere. Hopefully most of the landlords which are there will state that they will section 21 their HB tenants or if their current tenants leave they will not consider HB as would be our coarse of action as the HB tenants we currently have seem to be reliable.

    Has anyone got any sensible questions / topics worth discussing at this meeting or had similar dealings with their local council and if they are worth attending, we will be going on Monday morning. If there are 50 landlords there I think it will be a bit of a rowdy event so I may not even get a chance to speak.

    If anything worth knowing is said I will post it here.

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    The Sheffield City Council ran one of these a few years ago. Not too rowdy but, unsurprisingly, all the landlords chatted to each other and grumbled at the Council's nosy interference.
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      one thing i have always wondered about is why councils insist on paying in arrears for one and also on a weekly basis? this makes it very confusing for both landlord and tenant on what (if any) top is required. I know on a recent post here a lady was told by her landlord that she had about a £40 a month top up to pay when in fact it materalised that none was needed.

      perhaps someone else may be able to answer the question anyway?


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