HMO Locks On doors what type ? Not HMO what type ?

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  • HMO Locks On doors what type ? Not HMO what type ?


    Iam trying to re-mortgage my already rented property , but have been told by the broker, that : when the surveyour comes, i'll have to have the right kind of locks... Okay, this is too long to be explained and it's not the case right now .
    In other words the house has to appear not as an HMO .

    Pls, tell me : what are the kind of locks that make the house not appear as an HMO ? Perhaps those that don't work by catch ? those that anybody can fit "on the door" , wheter inside or outside ?

    In the house i own and live, i got locks too ( a typical lock, where you close the door only if you want to, from inside or outside )
    The ones i got in the HMO house act as a latch / catch, and if people forget the keys inside they have to call me , or jump from the window..



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    Why not ask your broker what his interpratation of 'right kind of locks' is, there are quite a few locks on the market, yale locks, mortice with thumb turn, etc, but putting any lock on an internal door would/should automatically draw attention from the surveyor as to possibility of the property being a HMO.

    All final exit doors from a HMO or internal entrance doors to individual flats/bedsits should be immediately available for use without recourse to keys anyway.


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      i guess a lock with tumb turn should do the job,as any family house is likely to use one
      thanx red 40


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