Tenant Compensation Calculation - Defective lighting/ wiring

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    Tenant Compensation Calculation - Defective lighting/ wiring

    I have a good relationship with my tenants in a purpose built flat.

    On the 24th Jan all the electrics and boiler went down.
    It took British Gas until Monday 21st Jan to restore the boiler and all electrics apart from the lighting.

    Apparently there is a neutral fault on the wiring and I'm waiting for the quote of works for them to rectify.

    NB: I carried out a fully certified NICEIC electrical inspection in 2011 when I had my mains board updated.

    1) Can anyone tell me how to calculate a reasonable compensation for the tenants’ inconvenience of not having main lighting? A daily amount would work. I am estimating 14 days before they get main lighting again. I was thinking of offering £150 for lost food and the inconvenience?

    2) Should I make a claim against the electrician who may have missed issues in the 2011 inspection?

    3) Should I report this to NICEIC as there may have been danger to lives.

    Thank you for your help.

    Dates don't make sense.

    Ask tenants what actual losses have they incurred
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I'm also struggling to understand what electrical problem could possibly apparently take so long to resolve (unless a 100% rewire of the property is/was needed)


        Apologies my mistake :-
        Took until the 27th to restore all electrics but no lighting due to this 'neutral fault on wiring'.

        * It seems the origional electrician sub-contracted this work out to a sub-standard worker who missed faults and installed an obsolote mains unit/ fuse board in Nov 2011.
        * British Gas electrician are saying that this fuse board/ mains unit is edition 16 with only 1 RCD when they should have fitted edition 17 contains 2 RCDs. They warn that the current fuse board/ mains unit leaves people at risk.
        * British gas will be attending to restore lighting and I have paid for this.

        * I finally heard from the the origioal electrician and he has stated that he will replace the obsolete fuse board/ mains unit to bring me up to standard edition 17. I will also ask him for the money I am paying out to British Gas to rectify the issue and amount I need to pay the tenant for compensation/ incovenience.

        The question I'm asking here for help around calculating a payment I need to make to the tennant for loss of food and inconvenience of not having any lighting for approx 14 days.

        ***NB: 100% re-wire of the property IS NOT REQUIRED.


          What do you (and errant electrician+ T) think is reasonable compensation for 3 days loss of heating, spoiled food and 7 days torchllight?
          Negotiate a settlement, they are your Ts.


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