What do I ask tenants employer in a reference

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    What do I ask tenants employer in a reference

    Hi, I have asked a potential new tenant for their employers details to get a reference. I emailed to email address which was the HR manager of the company asking for a reference.

    She replied saying 'what information do you need?'.

    I haven't asked for referenced before and am unsure what to ask for. Can any one help ?

    What would YOU like to know about their employment?

    If it were me it would be;

    Length of time there
    Are they on a permanent or temp contract
    Do they make their fair share of hot beverages

    Things like that, although I might leave the last one out.
    "I'm afraid I didn't do enough background checks apart from checking her identity on Facebook" - ANON

    What I say is based on my own experience and research - Please don't take as gospel without first checking the gospel yourself.


      Confirmation of how long they have been employed - temporary or permanent. How many hours per week are they contracted for. Annual salary and a general character reference. I would also ask them to confirm these details in writing and post to your address.


        Originally posted by johnsmith0774 View Post
        I emailed to email address which was the HR manager of the company asking for a reference.
        Have you checked using Yellow Pages etc. and phoned this company directly, to make sure this is a real company? Is the person you are emailing the real HR Manager?

        The email address could be to a friend of the new tenant.


          I would also want to know whether employee is currently either at risk of redundancy, or on notice (redundancy, dismissal or resignation).
          Not point getting a reference stating that X has been employed for 10 years at £100k pa if his last day is next week.


            Yes, the question I ask is "do you have any reason to suppose that X will not be employed by you in 6 months' time" which covers all eventualities that I can think of!

            I'm always torn between getting something in writing (which I hope the referee will give some thought to, for fear of it coming back to bite him on the backside if he's economical with the truth) and speaking to them over the phone, when you can often get slightly off-the-record information, and pick up good/bad vibes. It often depends on who the employer is; eg a big corporate will often direct enquiries to an HR dept and will only respond in writing.

            But above all, the crucial thing is to establish that whoever's giving the reference (be it oral or written) is genuinely the right person!


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