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    Help ending excluded tenancy

    I've had a lodger since beginning of nov 2013. I'm a live in landlord. When she moved in she wanted to pay half deposit on moving in half with the next weeks rent that I was ok with but this has never happened in the 13 weeks she has been in the rent has been late 6 of them and has not been there at all for the last 2 and she has just lost her job so cannot pay, I've also come home to a stranger in the house on his own while she's at work over night even after I said that I wasn't going to allow it. Now I know with an excluded tenancy I only have to give reasonable notice but when she moved in we signed a basic agreement stating deposits, rent, and what's included/ allowed. Included in this was notice period of 28days. So my questions are do I have to still give 28 days notice even though she has not kept up to the agreement and cannot pay rent in that 28 days or is the weeks notice enough.
    Many thanks in advance for all your help. J

    Just tell her to leave, reasonable notice can be as short as half an hour.

    Change the lock barrels after she's gone, especially after she's been giving free entry to your property to strangers.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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