Broken front door lock fixed by tenants own locksmith

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    Am not defending tenants .

    I have 6 keys to get in to my house, but I don't carry all 6.
    Front Keys are 1 Porch, then 2 front door.
    Back keys are for large soild high timber gates at side of house, side garden door and back door.

    I only carry the front door keys, as 6 keys including 4 large mortice lock keys for front and gates is far too many to hold in my pocket.
    I carry only 3 keys, for porch and front door.

    I have personaly dismantled all the locks, cleaned out all the crap, ( metal fileings, etc ) and greased them.
    even removing the "levers" in the motice locks to lubricate.
    Yale type locks ( Barrel only ) are oiled, as grease will not get into the cylinders.

    Once a barrel "feels" loose / worn, chunky, then replace, that way the locks don't break, so there must have been a fault with the lock, or has never been maintained.
    And always look at the alignment and if wear is on the hinges.



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