In need of clarification on co-existing tenancy agreements.

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    In need of clarification on co-existing tenancy agreements.

    Okay the problem to me seems quite straight forward but I can't seem to get anyone (legal or otherwise) to clarify what my rights or next course of action should be...

    Me and my girlfriend rent a house (we're both students) and have a joint tenancy for the property which is a 3 bedroom house, the background of the situation is that we paid the deposit back in the summer and then went home and agreed to pay half price rent during the summer months as a sort of property retainer to the agent and then we would start paying full price once university started again in September...

    Almost a week after the agreement was signed the tenant called my girlfriend and asked if they could rent out the other two rooms to students or if we would find people to move into those rooms (with the understanding that the rent would be reduced accordingly if we did), my girlfriend said they would need to speak to me and I told her that she should call them back and refuse as I wasn't comfortable living with strangers and if I wanted to live in that manner I would have rented in halls.

    We returned for University at separate times, her before me, and when she returned I received a text from her saying that there was someone in the house and indeed a few weeks later when I came to move in they had actually rented out a room to another girl.

    Now each of the bedrooms does have a separate lock, implying that the house could be rented out on a room by room basis but our tenancy and the new girls tenancy both infact state that we (me and my partner) take possesion of all of the building there are no exlusions or specifics as to it being a room by room basis and the other girls tenancy is worded exactly the same the only difference is the amount in which we pay... where we pay what would amount to be double in what the other girl pays...

    I've been to Citizens advice twice and they have told me that A. the estate agent can indeed do this and that it's common practice and B. the estate cannot do this and I should write to them on the matter.

    It's now coming up to Christmas, me and my girlfriend split up early September and after repeated Telephone calls and even going into the office there has still been no change, no effort to even sit down and discuss my issues. I've written two letters to the landlord which have to be addressed to the estate agent anyway so I have no way of knowing if the Landlord is actually receiving my letters.

    To cloudy the waters I have lost my job and cannot pay the rent until I find employment (or my student grant comes through) and the estate agent have started chasing the late payment.

    I suppose my initial questions are;

    1. Which tenancy is valid? (The original or the latter)
    2. Why do I have to ask for their permission to leave the agreement when they haven't honoured the agreement in which I originally paid for?
    3. Is there any way for me to get my landlords contact details (other than the section 1, which has been ignored)
    4. How do I get out of the situation?
    5. What would be the best course of action from here?

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