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  • Replacement locks

    I have a query, regarding whose responsibility it is to cover the costs of
    changing the locks of the house after a burglary.

    I have been renting a room in a shared flat for over a year. A few days ago,
    while I was at home, a burglar sneaked in, through my bedroom window and
    stole my handbag, which had a set of keys in.

    The police recommended that I change the locks that night. When I rang the
    landlord's agent, he said that the landlord would not pay for the lock to be
    changed. He said there was a £250 excess on insurance, so it would not be
    worth claiming on insurance.

    The agent arranged for someone to come around and fix the locks, so that's
    all done now.

    Is it the landlord's or the tenant's responsibility to pay for a replacement
    lock under the circumstances?

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    Hmmm, burglar got in through a window that had been left open. I'd say in the circumstances that you should pay and/or claim off your own insurance.
    My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


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