Gas Safety Inspection - Tenants refusing weekday access.

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    Gas Safety Inspection - Tenants refusing weekday access.


    I wonder if anyone would care to share their views on this little issue.

    I have a British Gas LL contract to cover the boiler, plumbing and the annual CP12 certificate (Expires 13/12/2013).

    British Gas have written to my tenants advising them of the inspection and informing them they should book a time for the inspection. The times available are Monday - Friday between 8am & 6pm.

    The tenants have written to me with the following:

    Had a letter through saying annual boiler service due by 14th dec.

    They only do weekdays when both myself and ***** are working - so we will not be able to facilitate this.

    Please advise
    I read this to mean they expect me to take a day off work, 180 mile round trip, waiting around for British Gas.

    The Tenancy Contract states:
    To permit any Superior LandLord, the LandLord or the Landlords Agent and all other persons authorised by the LandLord with or without workmen and others and with all necessary equipment at all reasonable times during the Tenancy with prior appointment (except in case of emergency) to enter upon the Property and to examine the condition of the same or to inspect, maintain, repair, alter, improve or rebuild the Property or any adjoining or neighbouring Property or to maintain repair or replace the Fixtures, Fittings and Effects or for the purpose of complying with any obligations imposed on the LandLord by Law.
    I read this to mean that I can reasonably inform the tenant(s) that they must make themselves available to let BG in.

    On a side note, I see BG don't have any available appointments until next year. As the CP12 expires on 13/12/2013, do I need to get this certificate updated before then, or will a booking now with an appointment scheduled next year be sufficient?

    Any advise would be gratefully received,

    Many thanks,


    Write to Ts explaining you have gch boiler & stat GSC contract with B Gas for THEIR convenience & safety,
    If appt times sre not suitable, they could arrange to leave keys with neighbour acceptable to them, to allow access, provided B Gas are aware of how access may be obtained when booking the appt. Keep copies of all corr to avoid poss later allegation of out of date GSC
    Otherwise find another local GasSafe inspector prepared to visit evng or Sat to do GSC.
    Allow Ts to arrange mutually convenientB Gas appointment time before Dec deadline
    I assume B Gas do not have keys to property so any other arrangement woukl require your attendance after min 24hr notice of inspection


      Woter, note that "allowing" or "permitting" access does not mean that tenant must make themselves available, but just that they must give authorisation for you, or persons appointed by you, to enter the property.

      In any case, if BG is not available to attend until after the certificate has expired they are not suitable.


        Originally posted by woter View Post
        I see BG don't have any available appointments until next year.
        You've got to be kidding! Much as I hate the cliché "not fit for purpose" this seems an appropriate use for it.

        Personally I use a local firm who can always do the certificate within a few days' notice, and they do Saturday mornings if needed too.


          The trouble with B Gas and any other big companies is that they are inflexable when it comes to appointments.

          Usually they offer 8am - 12 or 1pm - 6pm so why should tenant lose half a days work over this?

          This week I have S Electric coming to change a meter at a property between 1-6pm and Sod's law says they will turn up at 5.50pm. This has happened to me so many times.

          I'd go with Erics idea of booking a local plumber to do the job on a Saturday morning.

          It would be interesting to see what the tenants would do should the boiler break down whilst under B Gas contract and they need a repair

          Freedom at the point of zero............


            I find it funny that OP thinks it ok for tenant to take a day or half day off work, but it is not acceptable for him to do the same - when gas safety is his obligation and the tenant is paying him for it via the rent. It ain't the tenants fault OP lives so far away - ask Artful with iro a 1000 mile round trip, or me with a mere 450.

            I am aware that in legal terms the tenant does have some responsibility for this (tenant-like manner etc) but working with works so much better than confrontation and a hacked-off tenant is likely to say bye-bye much sooner than a happy one - with all the inherent costs.

            Oh and OP, if the test isn't done by 14 Dec then you are not complying with the law on the 15th!


              ^ - wot he said

              If your local mobile 'phone mast that you, woter, depend upon failed & vodafone asked you to arrange to provide the bloke with hammers & screwdrivers access, opening gates, cup of tea & biccies may I perhaps guess how you would react??

              Aye, that's what I thought...

              I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                I always give my tenants a chance to pick a suitable date and often have to attend to let engineer in etc. I do find it amazing that no tenant has ever said 'great! a gas check!'. It is always met with a lack of enthusiasm and the general attitude that it's a huge inconvenience for them to have the system checked for their safety.


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