Deposit paid, still no contract or keys in sight

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    Deposit paid, still no contract or keys in sight

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice please.

    I've paid a desposit for rental of a property around the 25th of March. Legally the tennants were due to be out on the 12th April however the letting agent negotiated with them to be out by the preceeding weekend; Good Friday.
    They didn't vacate on this day and in fact handed the keys back on the 14th.
    The story is roughly that they now owe 3 months back rent. They served a 2month notice on them to vacate ending on the 12th.

    The house has damage which will need to be worked on and the outside is littered with rubbish.
    The letting agent is so far leaving this up to the tennant to sort out but they seem incapable of doing it which the agent seems to be unable to understand.

    I've heard a lot of talk from the letting agent but so far not a lot of action. I've been dealing with two people and I've had to remind both of them that when they promise to return calls it's honourable to do so. One seems to have gotten the message, the other keeps apologising for not doing so but not exactly correcting his ways. Therefore I feel like I'm chasing everything. I have been making a log of this as I always do.

    I've not yet got a date for moving in yet I'm assured that it will be by this weekend.

    Currently due to the tennant not moving out and the letting agent having not done the work to the property yet (previous tennant damaged rooms and never cleaned) I'm effectively homeless, living out of a work collegue's spare room with all my belonging's in another collegue's garage. I've made a move across the country of 140miles for work reasons and have vacated my previous property in a timely manner.

    Whilst I've left a deposit I have not signed any letting agreement yet. This I'm told is due when the first month's rent is handed over.
    I have paid for references/searches upon myself which have come back ok.
    Giving up the house and looking elsewhere is sadly not an option. It has a large garage which I need for my hobbies.

    What I'm wondering is where do I stand.
    1) The extra costs and incovienience I have incurred both due to the tennant and the agent taking their time. A verbal agreement is still a contract in law as far as I am aware ?

    2) Getting some form of compensation, say a reduction in rent or first month free, perhaps waiving of the contract fees. I guess this is probably more a goodwill issue than anything legal.

    3) Is there any legal route I should be taking having already paid a deposit. I had thought of contacting the landlord to try and deal directly, but the agent will not reveal their address. I'm aware that I can ask for this in writing and they must give it to me, but do I have to signed a contract or is a mere deposit enough ?

    I don't wish to rock the boat, but I rather dislike being treating in such a poor manner.

    Thanks for reading my essay

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    by royw
    What does your AST say about it?
    05-12-2021, 23:20 PM
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    My tenant has asked if he can get a dog. Where do I stand on this ?...
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    Hi all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Would be grateful for advice on the below.

    Have a tenant on a AST which expired in July and has rolled onto a periodic tenancy. Over past 6 months rent has been delayed, partial and on two occasions unpaid. 2 months rent is missing...
    05-12-2021, 22:01 PM
  • Reply to Accelerated possession order
    by Hudson01
    Unless the tenant has dependent children, some, or all with a disability, and some other form of vulnerability for her/him self..... they will be in a crummy emergency accommodation flea pit or a dumpy flat in a place resembling the film set of '' Escape from New York ''. They are deluded.
    05-12-2021, 20:36 PM
  • Accelerated possession order
    by Pariah81
    A tenant has refused to leave the property at the end of her tenancy and has now asked to be evicted as in her words 'that will make her eligible for a council house'.

    I am sending an accelerated possession order through the courts but whilst completed the forms noticed two apparent errors...
    05-12-2021, 18:12 PM
  • Reply to Accelerated possession order
    by theartfullodger
    Thatcher's 1988 housing act makes it clear tenant does not have to leave at end of fixed term

    Why help tenant take a council property from a more deserving case? I'd decline to serve s21. S8 if possible... (was she ever late with rent?)
    05-12-2021, 19:17 PM
  • Reply to Accelerated possession order
    by Pariah81
    Ok so it looks like the section 21 notice is invalid as a result of this error. The deposit scheme was not in place at the time of the notice.

    Apparently the deposit has to be returned in full....
    05-12-2021, 18:35 PM
  • Reply to Dogs
    by ash72
    The good thing is they have asked you prior to getting one, so the decision is yours. If you do decide then I would suggest you increase rent to compensate for your loss in the future.
    05-12-2021, 17:21 PM
  • Reply to Dogs
    by jpkeates
    I wouldn't, but it does depend on what type of dog.
    You should assume your carpets will all need replacing.
    05-12-2021, 16:21 PM
  • Reply to STA, Section 8 and Court delays/Christmas
    by jpkeates
    Assuming it's an AST (STA's are Scottish)...
    You don't have to renew the tenancy, just let it become periodic.
    And, you're right, don't renew it.

    To repossess, you'll either have to attend court or pay a solicitor to do so on your behalf.

    If the tenant doesn't owe...
    05-12-2021, 16:13 PM