New tenant's references- how do I check these?

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    New tenant's references- how do I check these?

    My soon to be new tenant came round last night to hand me her tenant application form and brought round her passport and bank statement. She has asked that we do the credit check on her and if it comes back ok then not to bother with the guarantor. If it comes back negative then she'll send the guarantor application form to her mom to fill in so I can carry out a credit check on her (she's retired - I presume this will not cause an issue).

    She's provided details for references - I've never dealt with referees before, how do I go about getting them. Do I just phone? and what do I say?

    Can anyone help me?



      You could just phone up the referees but are you sure you are phoning the people you should be - not unknown to have tenants give you false numbers and its friends giving false references. We do credit searches for landlords in the area who have found their own tenants for a fee - perhaps there is an agent you could approach to do a proper credit search via the company they use or failing that I would at least get the tenant to supply 3 month's bank statements for you to look at. Good Luck.


        I don't believe the references to be false - she works at the same office as my mother in law and has provided contact details for her line manager, plus details of the bank for a bank reference. She has given me her last months bank statement as well.

        I have submitted a credit check this morning with so should have the results back later today.

        What do I say when I phone up the referees? Are there any set questions I should ask?


          Of Previous Landlord - How long was tenancy, how much was rent, was it paid on time, was tenancy conducted in satisfactory manner, would they let to the tenant again.

          Of Employer - How long employed, is their contract permanent, how much is salary (you may need to put this in writing or even have written permission from the tenant to obtain this information depending on the company)

          Bank - phone up bank and ask how much it costs - they all charge a fee and it will only say the account is conducted in the manner expected - Don't have much faith in bank refs to be honest - looking at bank statements much better how do you know what the bank expects - they may expect the customer to always exceed an agreed overdraft!!!!!!

          I am very cynical I am afraid - been letting agent for too long I suspect.


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