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    HIPs on GMTV

    I was listening to GMTV a few minutes ago and they were discussing HIPs. I was not watching the program so do not know who they were talking to about it. Basically they had a surveyor guy telling them about the energy survey and what he would be looking for and then they spoke to this woman about the fact that a structural survey is "OPTIONAL!!!" Her comment was that when buying a house an ENERGY survey is far more important than a STRUCTURAL one!

    Excuse me but if I am putting £100k plus into bricks and mortar I want to know they are safe! ... How crazy is this system .. or am I getting it wrong and I have misheard somewhere along the lines???

    I have not really looked into HIPS yet to see what they are proposing.. may do that later and see what this daft woman was spoutng!
    GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: I am a woman and am therefore prone to episodes of PMT... if you don't like what I have to say you can jolly well put it in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!

    Oh and on a serious note... I am NOT a Legal person and therefore anything I post could be complete and utter drivel... but its what I have learned in the University called Life!

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      Are you Jeremy Clarkson in disguise?


        Answer to original post:

        Energy reports are part of the pack that a seller pays for. Personal opinion will differ as to their purpose and effectiveness.

        A survey (other than the optional HCR which is not really a survey!) is commissioned by the buyer as part of due diligence (buyer beware) practice. There is a difference in the reporting for each of the three surveys that a buyer can have, and they will be carried out by a chartered surveyor - MRICS or FRICS not a Home Inspector.


          The Energy Report is being introduced to keep us in line with EU redtape. It is basically a national audit of housing stock and the ones that don't come up to scratch will be penalised (higher council tax?) in some way. Halifax reported months ago that up to 80% of buyers would not regard the contents of the EPC when looking at a property.


            Originally posted by Wickerman

            If global warming was treated with sincerity by the politicos I would have less contempt for it, I suspect. At the moment it is a way of garnering kudos

            ("This final budget from Gordon Brown is a green budget". Is it boll*cks. It is about raising looking like you are "on message", and raising some taxes and cutting not as many taxes so you look good and the net result is the same, or better)

            http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/new...tm?bw=bb&mp=rm [if it works!]
            I fully agree, Both the H.I.P ( With or without Surveys ) and the TDS are both a complete and utter farce!!
            It is just the Government sticking thier nose in to try and look good, when in fact they just make things worse.

            Can we not all get together and lobby the government ( perhaps via the NLA or someone ) to scrap both the H.I.P and the TDS?


              How can the government demand that all houses have these HIPs done when as soon as the assor leaves the property they can no longer be valid. The same as the gorgi landlord certs, they are only valid on the day they are issued once the assessor leaves the property whos to say what the boiler or other gas appliance will do therefore the assessor cannot be held accountable......!!!! this is a crazy life.....!!!!


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