Renewal Tenancy agreement not signed , now they leave early n sue us for 3x Deposit !

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    Renewal Tenancy agreement not signed , now they leave early n sue us for 3x Deposit !

    PLEASE can someone advise. Our Tenants of a year were desperate to stay at renewal. I was going away but they begged for renewal before my holiday. I emailed a new agreement, and they printed it and took it to my husband to sign at our home. Silly husband, signed it, just one copy and they left with it.... but didnt sign it themselves.

    Then.... after paying the next months rent, a raised sum from the previous year, they gave me notice to leave in 2 months time.
    When i said they had a years contract, they laughed and said stupid husband hadnt signed, therefote tenancy was VOID!!!

    I said ok, you can leave if thats what you really want, and 16th Nov was agreed.
    Nice amicable tenants..... till 3 weeks ago.....
    THe last months rent not paid.... they just say keep the deposit towards it....
    OMG sauddenly they turn so venemous, then i realise why....
    NO WIN NO FEE SOLICITOR writes saying deposit not registered!!!

    I have joined My Deposits in 2011, paid £60-00 to join and thought that was it... HOW STUPID AM I ???

    So, i have now registed it PRIOR to them leaving, served certificate on them before they have left, but what do i do?

    1. Agree to pay them out of court?
    2. Is the Tenancy vailid? Can i hold them to the 6 months tenancy to break clause, then the 2 months notice?? Can i take them to court of at least try to bargain against the 3X....
    3. If we push the 2nd tenancy, can they go for 3x... for 2 years ... 2 tenancies = 6x OMG i cant sleep for worry!!!!
    4. Anyone advise what court may do. we are a private landlord.... help!!!!!

    1) Your choice
    2) You will have to convince the judge that the tenants agreed to a 6 month contract. Can you do that?
    3) That hasn't happened yet
    4) A court will award at least 1 x the deposit as a penalty (plus the return of the deposit). However, you will also be liable for the tenants court fees and the NWNF solicitor - gotta be £2k.


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