Agent and management fees - what is the common rate ?

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    Agent and management fees - what is the common rate ?


    I have to let my flat in couple of weeks.
    Estate agent wants me to pay 5% for the introductionary fees and 10% for the complete management fees = 15% of my gross rent
    I have already negociated 12% but what is the common rate. Does 10% or lower sound possible?

    Also, as am a first time letter ;-) i'll take any advice regarding the fees (check-in fees, inventory report fees,test, etc....)
    if there is something I asolutely need to know don't hesitate

    Thanks for your help

    I agree with Wickerman about the need for you to understand if there are any additional charges for services not included in the fee and to factor this in.

    If I remember correctly, when I reviewed the charges, plus VAT, levied by some estate agents in London on top of the 15% management fee, it then became apparent that they boosted it up to 24% of the rental income...


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