Agent and management fees - what is the common rate ?

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    Agent and management fees - what is the common rate ?


    I have to let my flat in couple of weeks.
    Estate agent wants me to pay 5% for the introductionary fees and 10% for the complete management fees = 15% of my gross rent
    I have already negociated 12% but what is the common rate. Does 10% or lower sound possible?

    Also, as am a first time letter ;-) i'll take any advice regarding the fees (check-in fees, inventory report fees,test, etc....)
    if there is something I asolutely need to know don't hesitate

    Thanks for your help

    I agree with Wickerman about the need for you to understand if there are any additional charges for services not included in the fee and to factor this in.

    If I remember correctly, when I reviewed the charges, plus VAT, levied by some estate agents in London on top of the 15% management fee, it then became apparent that they boosted it up to 24% of the rental income...


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    • Reply to Stuck in limbo
      by jpkeates
      The government has said that they want to "encourage" (force) landlords and tenants to engage with each other before hearings resume to see if alternate ways of moving forward can be found.

      Everyone's waiting to see what that means in practice.

      There's an opportunity...
      16-07-2020, 16:12 PM
    • Stuck in limbo
      by GCUK
      Hello Landlords!

      Like many of you here, I issued Section 8 and Section 21 before Covid. (I used Legalforlandlords) The case went to court but got adjourned when the tenant claimed the boiler had not been repaired for years which was not true The court advocate sent by legal for landlords...
      16-07-2020, 14:38 PM
    • Reply to Stuck in limbo
      by GCUK
      Thanks for the information jpkeates. We issued both sections 1 or 2 weeks apart but I believe its section 8 based hearing. I will clarify with LegalForlandlords and find out what´s required for the CCJ and if the Court advocate can´t do it on my behalf. (I live outside the UK and can´t travel due...
      16-07-2020, 15:54 PM
    • 2 years contract - confusing break clause?
      by sophie33
      Hello everyone,

      I rented a house through Foxton's October last year, 2 years fixed-term, joint tenancy. I have a doubt concerning the break clause contained in the Agreement. It's the following:

      "Either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving the...
      16-07-2020, 15:36 PM
    • Reply to No DSS' letting bans 'ruled unlawful' by court
      by Ted.E.Bear
      If you mean is it discriminatory to charge a different rate for "DSS" instead of refusing, then probably - unless you can justify that it is reasonable.

      Will you charge someone claiming housing benefit but working 35 hours a week on an apprenticeship the lower rate?
      16-07-2020, 15:15 PM
    • No DSS' letting bans 'ruled unlawful' by court
      by Self sufficient
      14-07-2020, 05:59 AM
    • Reply to Carpet deduction from Deposit
      by exTennent
      Thanks for your replies.

      I have prepared a document for the dispute and I have asked the letting agent for the photos and documentation they made when they did the inspections. But they are pretending that that never happened and they dont have it.

      I have just spoken to the...
      16-07-2020, 15:07 PM
    • Carpet deduction from Deposit
      by exTennent
      Hi All!

      ok so I'll try and keep this short but dont know what I can go to resolve this issue as I have no written/photographic evidence.

      So we lived in a rented house (recently moved out) and during our stay we constantly asked both the landlord and the letting agent for new...
      16-07-2020, 12:56 PM
    • Reply to Stuck in limbo
      by jpkeates
      If the hearing is based on a s8 notice for rent arrears, the court will make a ruling about the debt as part of the hearing.
      Unlike a small claims court or county court debt hearing, the judgement is not automatically registered as a ccj and you have to (try and) get the court to do that.
      16-07-2020, 14:56 PM
    • Reply to No DSS' letting bans 'ruled unlawful' by court
      by jpkeates
      The detail wasn't originally there.
      There's no mention of a settlement offer (only pre-action communication).
      I only assume that they must have tried to make some kind of attempt not to go to court - it's possible they didn't.
      Once they realised Shelter were involved, they must have...
      16-07-2020, 14:47 PM