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    Assured Tenant Moved Out

    My Assured Tennant (1977 Rent Act Protected) has moved out!
    Although this is good news I am unsure what to do legally.
    He last paid rent in October 2006 and moved all his stuff out (except the bedroom furniture which according to my original itinery belongs to the flat anyway) by January 2007. Since then I have been unable to contact or trace him at all, I have constantly written letters to his solicitors who seem uninterested and do not reply and have even written to his mother who seems to be just as uninterested as the solicitors.
    As his rent was being paid by the housing department I contacted them and they informed me they had been paying his rent to another Landlord since September 2006 so I was to assume he had given up all his rights to being a 1977 Protected tenant. They also wouldn't give me his new address - obviously or agree to pass on any mail in a stamped addressed envelope.
    Could someone please advise me on the best course of action to proceed with this problem.

    Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!


      Ideally you want him to surrender the keys (did he leave them behind?) or get a letter from him that he has surrendered the tenancy. If you cannot do this, it would be safer to go to the court for possession.

      As he has not given you notice he is still liable to pay rent....let his mother know this as he may then officially surrender the tenancy...which I imagine is what you want to happen.
      You could claim the money back if you can trace his location. Do a search on the forum regarding tracing people. You could talk to the housing people...some posts suggest data protection can be circumvented in certain circumstances.

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      You can search the forums here:


        if u are "not sure he has left" then u should put a notice of abandonment on the door which gives a period of time to which they have to respond etc. This notice should state the date you will make entry to the property and change the locks etc unless you hear otherwise from the person.


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