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    International tenants?

    How do you approach international tenants, with regards to referencing and credit checks?

    I'd run a normal tenant check (full) eg
    (quite cheap compared to the cost of a dodgy tenant..)
    anyway just in case they turn out not to be "international" but lying b**st*rds.. and almost certainly get a guarantor..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Presuming you are not referring to international students (a slightly different cicumstance).

      Carry out international referencing.

      These advertise on/ are connected to landlordzone;

      A more long winded way is to contact a referencing company direct in their own country but the above do that running around for you.

      They also do RGI according to this from the FAQ's;
      " I have a tenant coming from abroad - can I take out Rent Guarantee Insurance?
      Providing a foreign tenant passes the TenantVERIFY® Comprehensive International Check - yes you can obtain Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection Insurance on your foreign tenant."

      I also carry out own country employer/landlord/character/parent (as applicable) referencing and phone conversations as well.

      And research them thoroughly on the internet and the rental laws in their country (helps to understand their expectations).

      If they are from an established community already settled here then I ask for a guarantor already here (even if a non-home owner). Plus larger deposit. Plus a holding deposit offset against the first months rent to show they are serious. I send proof of my I.D and ownership and offer a solicitors reference if required.

      And check their passport and that they have permission to stay (good luck with that!) and speak with their future employer.

      Anything you're not happy with- walk away.


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