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    Help required tenancy agreement


    I would appreciate some friendly advice. I am a landlord and have prospective tenants who want to move in to the apartment I own. However, their position is a little complex: They are a couple from the Republic of Ireland with a 2 year old child, both have only just arrived in the UK (Manchester) and are currently not working. The male is a plasterer by trade, and is hoping to be employed very soon. The female has been offered a place at Manchester University and her course commences in September. As they have not lived in the UK before, they do not have landlord/employer references, however, they can provide me with the following details: bank statements, birth certificates, driving licences and passport photocopies.

    Crucially, they are willing to pay upfront 6 months rent when they move in on a 6 months assured tenancy contract.
    So, for 6 months the rent is covered. However, I am worried about the commencing months once the original contract expires. My main concern is if they do not pay the rent for the following months and refuse to leave. Therefore, I need advice regarding protection from such an occurrence and the quickest legal way to have the tenants leave if this undesirable situation did occur. Would there be any way to have them leave immediately once the original contract expires and they do agree and pay rent for an extension of the contract.
    Is their anything I need to be weary of from foreign tenants? Having had a nightmare experience with my previous tenants I would like to make sure I am in the best position possible this time around and greatly value any advice given.

    Thankyou in advance.

    You need an assured SHORTHOLD tenancy agreement (AST). An assured tenancy gives more security of tenure.

    If tenants fail to leave after notice has been given, you must go through the court process to evict, unless they live with you in your own home.

    If they can get a guarantor to back them, you will have more financial security.
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      If you are worried, why not issue a S.21 just after they have signed the AST ( make sure both are dated and timed so that the S.21 is issued after the AST )
      And/or you could advise them that you will review their tenancy on month 4 of the first 6 months, then decide if you want another six months up front, monthly rent or monthly rent with 2 months in hand.

      I think that is about all the protection you will get.


        as a LA our normal course of action is to serve the tenants a S21 notice (fixed term) to expire at end of contract and depending on their situation ask them to pay 6 months rent in advance once again or alternatively ask them to start paying rent again on month 4 so you will always have 2 months rent extra plus the deposit. Proividing the rent is paid on time by month 6 then you can always retract the S21 notice given.


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