Landlord changing my locks

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    Landlord changing my locks

    As most of you know the trouble i had with my previous LL..

    We moved on the 2nd feb, the girl from the letting agency told us we had until the 10th feb(inclusive) to remove the rest of our stuff...we got to the house on the 10th, and they had changed the locks!...i rang them up, and i must admiti wasn't very pleasent with them,she told me to do what the **** i wanted and then said she'dget the spare key to me by 3pm that day...that never happened cos her mobile was switched off everytime i rang it.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, they then turned round and said i could have a spare key IF i paid £50-00 deposit, soi rang my solicitor who sorted it out for us so i didn't have to pay the money, we went in and got all the rest of the stuff...but now everyone is saying that i could i have them done for ilegal eviction as the court date for the sec 21 wasn't due to take place until later in feb, i think it was around the 17th, i never handed the keys back either, as that is what i was going to do had we been able to get into the property on the 10th.

    I know the agreement for the 10th was only verbal, but as soon as she said that, i got on the phone to their solicitor and mine to cover my solicitor told me to leave things as they were and draw a line under it all, but now i'm having doubts... why should they get away with changing the locks BEFORE the final day?

    Personally, if it was me, I'd just forget about it now - I don't think it would be worth the hassle of going to Court to prove illegal eviction. I assume you got your contents back that were inside the house? I don't know how much you'd be expecting by way of compensation anyway? As I say, if it was me, I'd walk away and try and forget about it.


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