What on earth's my tenant been up to...?

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    What on earth's my tenant been up to...?

    I've just been contacted by a tenant who's understandably concerned because she's had a 'To the occupier' letter from a debt collection agency who are pursuing the previous tenant... since she departed with a hefty chunk of rent arrears, it doesn't surprise me that she has other debts too. Now, I've contacted the agency and hopefully that's all squared off; however, my current tenant mentioned that she's been receiving lots of mail in different names - same first name as the previous occupier, but with many different surnames. New tenant has been bunging these back in the postbox marked 'return to sender'; but I'm a bit worried what might "happen" as a result of whatever the previous tenant has been up to. I don't want to alarm the current tenant, or have her put to inconvenience or hassle - but anyway, I've asked her to forward any more of these letters on to me and I will 'deal' with them.

    I know that Old Tenant set up a forwarding service for her mail, so as not to have to let me know where she was going(!) - presumably she wouldn't be able to get mail in false names forwarded - don't you need proof of ID or something?

    Anyway - just thought I'd ask if anyone else has experiemced this sort of thing; and what I should be doing to prevent any aggravation to my current (excellent) tenant?

    I don't think you can do any more than you are doing and return the letters to the sender and photocopy the envelope to show the name, address and postmark.

    Under the Data Protection Act the senders probably wouldn't give you any information even if you to took the trouble to provide a covering letter to the returned mail.
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