Wear & tear or damage??

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    Wear & tear or damage??

    On the same theme as my previous post re cleaning .... a family has just moved out of our property & left a few things in a mess!

    The carpet in one of the bedrooms has a HUGE number of very bad stains on it. I have attacked them with carpet cleaner etc, but I think it is a lost cause!
    When does wear & tear become damage?
    To my mind this is not just W&T, it is careless behaviour that has not been addressed as it happened

    They have also had a dog in the kitchen, which has obviously jumped up on the table in one area, as all the edge has been clawed. Same on the bottom of the table & on the leg of one of the stools that was in there.

    I appreciate that we have to allow for some W&T etc .... but can we retain some of the deposit for this stuff?
    How do we go about valuing the amount for this - I assume we cannot charge them the full replacement value?

    Many thanks in advance

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