Tenancy Deposit Schemes - continuation tenancies

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    Tenancy Deposit Schemes - continuation tenancies

    If a deposit is taken before 6 April 2007, it will not need to be protected by a scheme such as The DPS. However, as an existing tenancy is renewed and a landlord agrees a new fixed-term tenancy, the initial deposit taken must then be lodged with a tenancy deposit protection scheme.
    If the tenancy continues as a periodic one it is clear the deposit taken at the start of the tenancy comes outside the scope of the Act.

    I've answered my question in the quote.

    Sorry I can't delete the thread!!!!!
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    Where does this quote come from?
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      Confusion Reigns !!!

      That's what I thought.

      However, I got an e-mail from TDS, and one of the FAQ's was:

      What happens if the tenant has a tenancy agreement that was taken out before 6 April 2007 but continues occupying the property after the end of that tenancy?

      If the tenant decides to remain in an existing rented property beyond the initial fixed term of 6 months, how the deposit is treated will depend on how the tenancy is continued:

      * For a periodic tenancy - i.e. the tenancy continues with no new agreement - TDP will not apply, as no new AST will have been created
      * For a replacement/renewal tenancy (which can be notified either in writing by the landlord or via a memorandum of extension) between the same landlord, tenant and property and where there is no change to the amount of the deposit held; tenancy deposit protection will not apply to an initial deposit taken prior to 6 April
      This turns on its head what I thought till now: All new tenancies and renewals come under the new scheme.

      Unless it comes down to semantics. Our tendancy is to issue "renewal" tenancies by way of a new fixed term agreement; perhaps they mean renewals by way of memorandum (which we don't do - our understanding is that these bring in another raft of legal problems).
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