Solicitor who told tenants not to pay final month's rent

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  • Solicitor who told tenants not to pay final month's rent

    I think I will start a short thread on a bizarre note.

    On Tuesday Adnil and I attended a talk organised by some local estate agents on the TDS.

    One of the speakers was a young lady solicitor; she started off by informing us (a room full of landlords) that she had so far taken on 1,600 cases of tenant versus landlord and won them all. We all gave her a standing ovation of course!

    In an answer to a landlord's question she came out with the most bizarre statement; she said that when informed by a tenant that they may not get their bond back she advises them to keep back the final month's rent. She also went on to say that this was common practice among solicitors to offer this advice.

    I have now e-mailed the law firm to ask whether they have any objection to my publishing the name of the solicitor and firm on this forum, my forum, my blog and my website. I also asked if the Law Society would be interested in such a statement.

    Does anyone know whether a statement made in a public place to a room full of people is publishable without threat of legal action. I given them 7 days to reply.

    Needless to say I have not had a reply from the solicitors yet.

    (the amazed) rewop

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