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  • Return of Deposit Query

    I've recently vacated a 'let only' property and was with the check out clerk to sign the report where he had said that everything was in good order.

    The report I subsequently received through the post differed in two areas and the landlord is claiming a reduced deposit return for two points that I wish to query, neither points were raised at the point of check out and could have been rectified had the opportunity been given.

    Whats the best course of action in a dispute of that nature ?

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    Who was the clerk employed by? Was it via the agency or the landlord?

    normally on a let only the landlord does the check out and will agree any dilaps with you etc however if the clerk did it via an agency then I would write to them with your concerns etc etc.

    What I would say however is regardless of what the clerks comments are at the same of the check out the landlord has to be happy with it before any talk of deposits are mentioned.

    As a gesture of goodwill I would think they would allow you to return to the property to rectify the issues raised and offer in writing to do this.


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