Problems with rodent infestation: mouse/mice/rats/etc.

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    I am appalled at the suggestion that a letting agent deliberately attempted to mislead a potential tenant about such a serious issue.
    If an agent sold one of my properties and did not disclose a material issue, they would be liable at law.
    In this case, the agent/owner must know that very few tenants would be happy to share a house with an established population of rodents.
    If I were Sparky, I would invest a few pounds on half an hour with a solicitor, to see if he/she can't sue the pants off someone for the return of their deposit and the expense and inconvenience of finding somewhere else.
    This is the sort of behaviour that gives the rental sector a bad name.


      Mice - who is responsible ?


      I have a tenant that has been complaining about mice for a while now.
      I have told him to make sure all his food is up in the cupboards,that he doesn't leave any food lying about and that he puts his rubbish into the dustbin and doesn't leave it out all week.I have also told him that our area (West London) is running alive with rats and mice.
      He says he is doing this but when I went to build a new wardrobe a few weeks ago there were huge bags of rice on the bedroom windowsill !
      They are an asian family and are cooking constantly,everytime I visit there is food everywhere,the mice are having a field day.
      They are Hindu and do not want to poison them but I don't know what else to tell him to do !

      He seems to think I should be doing something,but what ?

      Thanks in advance for your usual help.


        You are right, parts of west London are having a huge mouse problem at the moment...coinciding with Thames water replacing all the water mains. This seems to have disturbed them.

        Call the council pest control - they do 3 visits for a set fee (usually just under £100), and will lay poison traps for your tenants, and come back to rebait and check them.

        They will probably tell you to ensure that mice can't enter your property, and give you a big list of holes to fill, including all the really tiny ones around radiator and water pipes.

        Since this seems to be a local problem, rather than just your tenants attracting them, I'd suggest you pay the bill for this. (I did!)

        If the 3 visits and hole filling don't work - I'd go with Colin's suggestion as plan B. Just check for fleas first


          You could suggest humane mouse traps and/or contact the council.
          I think they come out and assess the situation.
          Ambition is Critical

          I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.


            Thanks for your advice.

            My tenant has decided that as long as I purchase the poison/traps it is acceptable to his religious beliefs !

            I shall leave him with a supply when I collect the rent on Saturday.


              RATS - Please help!!!

              Hi I own a block of flats, and have recently had rats in 2 of the flats! Tenants have seen and chased them out of the kitchen/bathroom. We are laying traps, I have bought a number of the ultrasound/electromagnetic alarm deterrents - but the Rats have been seen since! I am attempting to block any gaps with newspaper to find out which way they are coming in adn then fill those gaps properly(I don't want to block them in!!)
              The BIG problem is the tenants now want to leave, leaving me with a few empty flats(2 tenancies are up anyway - they were going to renew but not anymore!!!) I am struggling to let the flats anyway. I really need to sort these rats out and quick! Please can anyone advise me what to do - I'm going to be losing big bucks soon if this isn't sorted!!



                Get Rentokil in pdq and get it sorted professionally. The whole block will need to be treated.


                  Do try getting in touch with your council as well. Some will have a department that will sort out the rats free of charge.

                  I have been told that rats can climb in through the plumbing/toilets which surprised me but it could be worth keeping the toilet seat lid down.


                    Originally posted by Blobby
                    Thanks - anyone else done tried Rentokil? What do they do? How much does it cost?
                    Just DO it - you say yourself you're going to be losing loadsamoney soon: Rentokil will almost certainly be able to sort it pronto, and apart from that your tenants will appreciate that you're genuinely taking the issue seriously and doing all you can to sort the problem out - which means not buggering around with rolled-up newspaper and totally unproven methods like ultrasonic devices.


                      Rat problem

                      There is absolutely NO NEED FOR RENTOKIL..........the local authority has a duty to carry out these works FREE OF CHARGE. Mice is a different issue. But rats are VERMIN, and most councils will be on the case pronto.

                      They will be able to bat and track where they are comming in from, newpaper is not good!!!!!!

                      It could well be they are working on main drains in the area or a derelict building somewhere.

                      You should find the Local authority guys most helpful, and will just take it all in there stride.

                      Despite popular rumour, they do not wait for the rats to appear they, bat look see and investigate the source.
                      The above opinion, and or information, is based on my day to day knowledge and practical experience, also the professional code of good practice that i follow as a qualified Letting Agent. With over 25 years of experience letting properties.


                        Thanks guys!
                        I have contacted the local authority, first appointment available is 2 and a half weeks - so I booked them in!!! I'm really worried the council/rentokil will put poison down and the rats may die in the cavities/ceilings and stink the place out for a few months(this has happened to me and others I know before) and no chance of any new tenants! Rentokil closed today - trying them tomorrow am. Some of the tenants have left this morning(early). Can't really blame them!!

                        I have also contacted the local council (a few weeks ago adn 2 days ago)with regards to adjoining house, I suspect it is empty(for a while) and possibly full of the bug*&rs! I'm still waiting for a reply(councils aren't the quickest in the world). I can't get hold of owner!

                        The whole of the area is littered with Rats(it's well known around here!)

                        I thought these electronic devices were meant to work? Anyone knwo anything about them??

                        Any further advice greatly appreciated!


                          Rats are very intelligent and are very hard to trap in a cage. I have used an electrocutor trap with no success...they sense when it is turned on, because they eat the bait when it is turned off!

                          You could try sticky traps which the rats stick to , but then you are dealing with a live rat. Yuk.

                          The best way is to know that the rat is not in the building and then block the holes with cement etc so they cant get in. It worked for me.

                          There are some great stories on the net about feeding them fizzy cola, apparently because they cannot burb , the Co2 expands within and kills them. Don't know if its true.
                          All posts in good faith, but do not rely on them

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                          You can search the forums here:



                            I own a ground floor flat in a Victorian house and a different Landlord owns the upstairs flat. We both have tenants and our tenants both seem to have mice.
                            The upstairs LL wants to get the council in to try and eradicate said mice, but my tenants have a cat (I know, I know) and are worried about him getting poisoned or eating poisoned mice.They want me to tell the upstairs lot to use traps instead of poison as they are doing ( upstairs tenants don't speak to them).
                            I've said I can't tell upstairs LL what to do, but then I wondered if there were any regulations etc. about infestations?
                            Really I don't want to get involved in this at all, but would prefer not to have mice in my flat.
                            Any thoughts? Thanks.


                              I wouldn't get involved with what the upstairs lot are doing myself. Poison is the most effective way of ridding yourself of the problem.

                              Maybe they could keep their cat indoors for a few days? Besides it doesn't sound like the cat is much of a predator if you've still got mice anyway :-)

                              Cats must come across all manner of poisons, pesticides etc when they're straying round the neighbourhood. I don't think many die from it?


                                Thanks for your reply jghomer. I think you're right that cats live around poisons and usually survive.
                                As it happens the upstairs LL is now going to buy some electronic devices/humane traps, instead of having the council, which I think is above the call of duty, but very considerate.
                                I await results.


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