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    S21 Additional Info Section

    Hello all,

    I am in the process of issuing a claim for posession under s21 of my rented flat.

    I have a few questions , however pls note,

    1 - The AST has now gone periodic.
    2 - S21 has already been issued during AST and not cancelled by me.
    3 - T owes me £300 from Jan 06 and £100 from March 07.
    4 - Its clear that she can pay but wont pay.
    5 - Her claim for HB was rejected.
    6 - She is now pleading poverty hence not paying the full rent of £600pcm.
    7 - She wants a council house.

    I am not to fussed about the shortfall in rent, I just want her out, therefore on this basis should I simply enforce the s21 or go down the route of discretionary s8.
    I understand that the s21 can now be applied at any time as the T has had her 2 months correct notice ??.

    Also there is an additional info section on form N5B 1106, is it prudent to fill this in explaining the Ts attitude and arrears situation or it best not to.

    Finally if I go down the s21 route I assume that possession is still mandatory given the contract is now periodic.

    All replies appreciated.

    Thank you.

    go down route of s21 asap, and dont put anything in the box in just confuses things if they try and defend it in court. I put info in when i did my first s21 it wasnt needed cos s21 is mandatory possession extra info is not needed.


      Follow the S21 route

      Consider also the issue a moneyclaim on line for the rent arrears - however even if you win in Court will you get any money from her or if you do it will be in dribs and drabs?

      Sometimes however when faced with legal action some tenants fid money from somewhere!!!
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