PCOL - can someone check my details before i submit, tonight preferably :P

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    PCOL - can someone check my details before i submit, tonight preferably :P


    Filed a section 8 with the tennants for being 2 months in arrears, and the 14 days have now passed. However on filling out the PCOL information for the rent arrears history, I have noticed that the solicitor has managed to mess the dates up on the section 8 he drafted, i am dismayed they have managed to do this.

    In particular the tennancy starts on 23/3/13 and the outstanding rent table lists the rent owed for

    Due Date Rent Due Rent Paid Total Arrears
    March 2013.......145.............145...........0
    April 2012.......550.............550...........0
    May 2012.........550.............0.............550
    June 2012........550.............250...........800
    July 2012........550.............0.............1400

    However note how he has incorrectly put the year dates as 2012 from April onwards rather than 2013!!!

    As 2012 is before the contract started, my solicitor says that there is no argument with the tennant that he can say the dates are incorrect if i back the dates up with my accounts and deposits by tennant.

    What should i do, my solicitor has put me in a real **** position now and I dont want to pay for a PCOL wait 2 months then have it thrown out.

    Could anyone offer any advice if i should reissue the section 8 and wait another 2 weeks or just proceed with the PCOL?

    I agree with your solicitor.
    What you should do, is file 3 copies at the court as well. The PCOL system is lacking.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Anyone else think this or should i just reissue the notice for peace of mind? As i am worried if it got thrown out for being incorrect I will have to go right back to the beginning


        Shouldn't the final arrears figure be (800 + 550) = £1450, rather than £1400?


          The PCOL inputting system is a PITA.

          Send an up-to-date rent statement to the court now, and a revised one 7 days before the hearing. It's really no big issue.


            Generally speaking if a date in a notice is obviously wrong and the recipient is not prejudiced, the error will be allowed. If the court disagrees you have a case against your solicitor.

            It is good practice in any law firm for all notices, however straightforward, to be checked by someone who did not draft the notice. It is so easy to get a date wrong and many a law firm has lost a negligence case through getting dates wrong.


              I don't think it is the section 8 notice which is defective - it is the online version of court form n119. The PCOL website offers a somewhat unwieldy way of creating a 'standard' rent statement which may be nice and clear to the judge but is a b****g to create.


                Sorry lawcruncher is correct, its the section 8 notice which was served to the tennant 2 weeks ago which has the wrong information on it, i.e the "year dates" sorry i did mean to put £1450 above as the arrears! typo by me :P

                At this point i have not filed anything on the PCOL website, want to check if i should proceed or not even with the year date errofor April, may, june, july.


                  Aha, I think you will be in order so long as the amount shown as unpaid on the s8 is correct.


                    PCOL - can someone check my details before i submit, tonight preferably :P

                    Reason For Possession:

                    Possession claimed under ground 8, and/or grounds 10, 11, 12 of Schedule 2 Housing Act 1988 as amended by Housing Act 1996.

                    Recovery steps already taken:

                    Emailed – Telephoned – Personal Visit to property to discuss late/no payment of rent. Defendant has been offered the opportunity to repay smaller arrears, but constantly failed to keep up any agreed payments. Issued S.8 – Served in person, witnessed .

                    Notice type:

                    Notice seeking possession

                    Defendant circumstances:

                    Both tenants are non family members with no dependents at the rented property. They are both in full time work operating their own business named {Mod - name removed} in Neath.

                    Financial or other information:

                    Claimant suffers hardship due to lack of receiving rent lawfully due. My partner is pregnant and the lack of paid rent is jeopardising our own family home due to our financial commitments.

                    Payment Details
                    Date Payment Due Amount Due Amount Paid Accumulated Arrears Actions
                    23/03/2013 550.00 550.00 0.00

                    01/04/2013 145.00 145.00 0.00

                    01/05/2013 550.00 0.00 550.00

                    01/06/2013 550.00 250.00 850.00

                    01/07/2013 550.00 0.00 1400.00


                      When did the tenancy start? and how long it is for?


                        Originally posted by JonFlower View Post
                        Shouldn't the final arrears figure be (800 + 550) = £1450, rather than £1400?
                        That should be £1350 ?


                          I would just serve another Sec 8, since it can expire in 14 days anyway.
                          Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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                              After speaking to the T yesterday, he has told me he is going to move out today at 7:00pm. I cant believe anything he says anymore but "touch wood" if he does, what is the correct process for getting house back legally if he leaves voluntarily.
                              I don’t want him coming back later on saying i threw him out, is there a form i can make him sign? Although i have done this once before and he said that I can’t legally make him sign away his tenancy, so not sure what proof i need to say he’s officially gone if he does give me the keys back mid way through his AST.

                              He also wants me to sign away the rest of the contract so i cant chase him for it.

                              Could someone advise?


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                                The tenant sounds like a delusional bampot. How is he going to afford a very expensive solicitor?

                                Do you know if the council in which the rental property is located has landlord licensing? I’m trying to figure out where he’s getting this £30k figure from....
                                26-06-2022, 23:40 PM
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                                I have a professional tenant rented my house a few years ago. The tenant relied on housing benefit to pay the rent. It was a one-year fixed term AST, and the tenant refused to leave from then and declined our access to the property for inspection for many years. He damaged the house extensively and...
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                                by DoricPixie
                                The council can’t magic up a suitable property if there are none available. Whilst being able to present as homeless on top of the health issues will give the daughter more points if there aren’t any suitable properties then your daughter is still going to be between a rock and a hard place. Presenting...
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                                My daughter is a tenant in a house and has been for 7years without any problems for 6 of the years. Last year she had to give up working full time due to health reasons. Since then they've got worse, she suffered a blood clot which leaves her breathless and can't have oxygen as she has a gas hob. She...
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                                Any tips on a good one to use?
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                                Good Afternoon everyone,
                                Its my first post on the site and probably like most first posts on here I am asking for help !
                                Without going into too much detail my tenant has decided to stop paying his rent , after I gave him notice to leave, and ignore Section 8 and Section 21 notices sent by...
                                24-06-2022, 13:18 PM
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                                by Truth
                                I think I'm going to down the housing solicitor / eviction company route.
                                Its going to cost me but this is really bringing me down now in all honesty . I've got a daughter and Mom with very serious health issues and I need to concentrate on them rather than a jerk who's taking me for a ride !...
                                26-06-2022, 22:23 PM
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                                by Hudson01
                                Could not agree more, but given the reluctance of the social sector to '' do the right thing'', we will always be in a battle to get them to house vulnerable people.

                                What a sad state of affairs....
                                26-06-2022, 20:13 PM
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                                by gnvqsos
                                The problem here is that the woman was not vulnerable and thus chose the private option. She is now in the wrong sector ,and the landlord is not trained to address such problems....
                                26-06-2022, 20:10 PM
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                                by Hudson01
                                Sad to say it but i would evict them now...... it is coming our way and when it hits the reasons you have will not qualify, as i suspect many others will and only time will show them up in this forum and the wider press.

                                Vulnerable individuals should really not be in the PRS, but due to...
                                26-06-2022, 20:02 PM