Should tenant checks show up Criminals?

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    Originally posted by cetvr View Post
    Evening Ladies

    The thing is when it comes down to it we entrust our properties for payment in return, We allow people who have been "checked out"(use the term loosely!) to live in them. In our case we believe our tenant was on parole which I'm led to believe is release on licence when he filled in his application form. At any time he could have done something and instantly returned to prison. So does this mean his conviction was spent? he hadn't served his full sentance?
    So does any one else think that some one who is out on parole for fraud and deception should be signing an agreement of this kind with out disclosure.

    We enter into an agreement blindly despite having done checks yet the very information we need to prove our tenants are trustworthy is unavailable to us. Yet another thing against the LL.

    Cetvr - I've just had exactly the same conversation with my business partner! I wondered if we could get away with introducing the policy of having tenants go through the police checks (now done by the Criminal Records Bureau). I'd be happy to just get the standard disclosure but he seems to think that it won't be possible.... I wouldn't mind but when you see job adverts for cleaners needing to go through CRB checks to secure employment then surely it's much the same thing really....

    I should know better than anybody about the risks of taking on a criminal after my experience with Thieving Tenant and yet I'm being told basically that there's nothing I can do to protect myself from the same thing happening again... THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!

    Actually makes a mockery of the whole tenant checks process if you ask me.....

    Ah well, tomorrow's another day....

    That's me done for tonight. Gonna see if I can stay up long enough to watch House of Tiny Tearaways.... reminds me so much of home!

    G'night all.



      Morning J

      Thanks for your comments on this matter. I am in total agreement that if you apply for a job, you would have to disclose unspent convictions and in some case have to have police checks,(have been there myself when I worked with Social Services).
      So if we have potential tenants they don't have to disclose anything as most forms don't have any provision for criminal charges. So we need a form that may refelct through employment record, similar to employment applications.
      As in our case, he started his sentance 24 months before signing the application form, so surely he would have to state employment if "less than 3 Years"?
      Also wouldn't his address have to be different for 21 months and I presume he wouldn't have been on the voters roll? Did you know that even a year later his voters rol has him at his previous address, so not very up to date! well there you go. Thats the way it is. It seems that the crafty so an so could get away with this and the laugh is there would be nothing to stop him doing this to another LL in the future, I can a professional tenant in the making!
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        Morning to you also cetvr.

        I know how you feel. Very frustrating isn't it.... To know that my own Thieving Tenant can just go onto another property and fleece the landlord just doesn't bear thinking about really.... The said tenant isn't even likely to declare he ever lived at my property so I'm not likely to be asked for a reference....

        Talking about Thieving Tenant - he's due back at the police station to be formally charged at 10am this morning. I wonder if he'll show? Police tell me he hasn't skipped bail before but I suppose there's a first time for everything! They havn't even got an address for him now due to me getting possession last week....

        I think I have learnt a very valuable lesson from this tenant and I will be putting certain procedures in place to minimise the same thing happening again in the future. I should actually consider myself very lucky that he actually stole my parcel that he signed for before Christmas because if he hadn't the police wouldn't have arrested him and searched the property. If the search hadn't happened I would not have been made aware about the catalogues he'd opened in my name.... I could still be ignorant to the fact that he was ordering away to his heart's content..... DOESN'T BEAR THINKING ABOUT!



          I was just about to sign up a new tenant but fortunately before I did so, I put her name through Google. A link came up to our local paper with an article on how she had been convicted last year for stealing a bank card off her employer to take out £400 to pay rent arrears!! Needless to say I told her she had not passed the checks I carried out on her.

          Might be worth other landlords doing the same thing, you never know what it might turn up and like me, it might save yourself alot of grief.


            Look what I've come up with doing a search on mollymoo

            How's yer scrapdoodles
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              Do these checks reveal, cautions?


                And a very good likeness some would say no doubt!!


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