Problems obtaining accelerated possession order

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    Problems obtaining accelerated possession order

    Can anyone help me. I am new to rentals and my first 6 month tenancy has gone badly wrong. I did use a letting agency to deal with all this for me, as I live 200 miles away from my property that I am renting out.

    Basically, the tenant has not been paying full rent and had stopped anyone from entering the property for inspections.

    Section 21 issued just before end of the 6 month tenancy.

    All paperwork done, sent to the court. No defence returned, so paperwork went up to judge.

    Today I have received notification that the Judge wants a hearing. I thought Accelerated Possession Order with no defence was a formality? Does anyone know why a hearing would take place and do I have to attend and say anything? Comments would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

    maybe you didn't send a copy of the tenancy agreement? Or there is a query on the deposit protection? Maybe there is a fault in the section 21 notice?

    I strongly suggest you attend - though appointing a barrister may be more viable - as to what you say, that depends on what the judge wants to know.

    When I travel to my distant property I lose at least 2 days and have at least one nights hotel to pay for. A barrister should cost iro £250+vat.


      A landlord of ours had the same thing a few months ago.
      Somebody in the court looked at one of the dates and thought it was incorrect. The judge realised, but didn't admit anything, and gave the landlord possession.

      Go over your paperwork, or give us the details, and we will see if we can spot anything of concern.
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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