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  • Deposit problems with estate agency

    In September 2005 me and my partner moved to a rented property on a year long contract through an estate agent. The owner of the property was heading to Australia on a year long break, and so wanted to rent the property whilst she was away.

    In September 2006 the tenancy was due to expire, so we found another property to rent and moved in.

    The day we moved out, the estate agents came and checked the property for any damage incurred and found some small things that totalled £130 that they would take out of our deposit of £900. We agreed that it was ok to this money out of our deposit.

    However, when the owner of the house moved back into her property, she considered that the estate agents should have taken more money from our deposit for some things she considered that they had not accounted for. The problem is that the things she was complaining about were just wear and tear through living in the property, and not things that were broken.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, she wrote letters to a housing authority and the small claims court trying to sue the estate agents for not taking more money from our deposit.

    When she began sueing the estate agency, the estate agency in turn, froze the remaining part of our deposit after the deductions (approx. £770) and have thus far refused to give me and my partner this money back.

    I am unsure as to where I stand and whether the estate agents are in the wrong and should have given me my money back straight away. Do they have a right to keep my money?

    It is now the middle of March and I have not heard from the agency regarding the progress of the claim by the owner of the house, and I feel like they are now trying to fob me off as I have tried contacting them with no avail.

    Any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated, as it is now 6 months since I left the property.

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    Oh Rad, you unfortunate bunny!

    The issue is between landlord and estate agent - not you. Estate agent were responsible for doing final inventory, which was signed by both yourself and agent I presume?

    I would write to estate agent stating that you require full payment within 7 days or action will be taken to recover the money through the courts. Don't forget they are earning interest on your money.


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