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  • Cookies and "first unread message" in this forum

    I quite often find that when I log in, instead of seeing lots of unread posts highlighted in 'bold' so I can see which are new - like this morning I find that they are all not highlighted, as if someone's already logged in under my ID and read them. And I'm 100% sure that's not the case.

    Does anybody else experience this? Are my cookies faulty, or is it a quirk of the site or something? Quite irritating anyway.

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    Yes I get this as well Eric, in fact I also get it the other way around when I have read a thread/post, close and return to landlordzone later, the thread/post I previously read is highlighted in bold and yet nobody has added anything to it.


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      Yes, you are not alone.


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        Originally posted by Paragon View Post
        Yes, you are not alone.
        Yes- I do too. The only failsafe is to look in each forum and see what's been added since you last looked.
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