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    Deposit deductions


    Just moved out a property that me and my partner were in for two years. One of my obligations was to have the carpet professionally cleaned, which I did and provided the receipts to the checkout agent.

    The property is a flat in a large development approximately 8 years old and still has all the original decoration and cream carpets.

    The day I handed the keys back I got a call from the letting agent asking for the receipt for the carpet cleaning as the landlord had been around that afternoon (hours after I handed the keys back) and wasn't convinced the carpets had been professionally cleaned. I advised them their checkout agent had the receipt.

    Anyway a few days later I get sent the full checkout report along with a email saying the landlord wishes to make deductions for the carpet cleaning in the bedroom. The checkout report states,

    "Know the carpets are professionally cleaned they are still stained and marked in places"

    Anyway another few days go by and today I got her proposed deductions.

    £80 for carpet cleaning
    £30 for re-painting bedroom wall (part of which was marked)
    £174 for new carpet

    I agreed to the £30 for re-painting bedroom wall but am querying the carpet items. Particularly why I'm paying for carpet cleaning on a carpet which is being replaced. After several emails the letting agent has told me the land lor has already had the carpet cleaned and £80 was the price, she's now decided the carpet needs replacing and has had a quote for £184.49 + £48.58 fitting. She is asking me to pay 75% of this charge.

    Now my questions are, is it fair to ask me to pay for the second carpet clean? why should I pay 75% of the carpet costs if I was only resident for 2 out of 8 of the years?

    I've made a counter offer of £58.27(25%) for the carpet and £30 for the wall. Is this fair and is it likely the dispute resolution service would agree with me?

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